Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Christmas Blog

Hey everyone,

Doing this blog as today am off to kent to spend Christmas with family and catch up with friends,  I'm down there till the 30th!

So wishing u all an amazing Christmas! Hope you all get what you want!



Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Christmas Spirit !

Hey everyone

How are you all? Sorry i been a bit slack with my posts recently but been so busy at work,and getting ready for Christmas and the weather has been unbelievable bad! For the last 2 weeks it has been snowing on and off and tempuratures have been on average -9 so now all the snow has turned to nice thick ice! How lovely :/

I am now off work so want to get rest of my Christmas shopping done, at the weekend me and Nathan went shopping to get his and my parents Christmas presents and town was heaving SO busy we spent most of the time in queues was so glad when we had finished!
But now we still got to get each other our presents and neither of us has a clue what we want, think I'm gonna ask for some clothes,make up,perfume, yanno the normal stuff!

What have you all asked for, for Christmas?
Are you all ready for it?
Here some pictures of the snow over the weekend :

Middle of a Heavy Snow Storm

Back Door Step Leading to Patio Area Of Our Garden

Inside Of My Car Windscreen thick ice even after 15 Min's of DE-icing

Anyways if i don't get time to blog before Christmas as we off to Kent to me Mum And Dads for Christmas then :

I wish you all a very very Happy Christmas!
Hope you all have an amazing one, and an incredible 2011

Lots Of Love


Friday, 10 December 2010

Avon Haul

So recently since we have moved in2 our new house i have started using Avon again, which i havnt done for a very long time and last night i got my first order through with the stuff i wanted yipee and was very excited by the large box which arrived, and here are the contents -:

The Box and the contents

Avon SuperShock Gel EyeLiner - The thing is i have been looking for ages for an amazin eyeliner pencil which is soo soft it just glides on my eye, and from the description this was the one, as soon as i got it i tried it and Yipeee its the one i can now do my upper eyelids without it clumping up etc, How odd that i spend lots on brand named eyeliners and it turns out Avons £3.50 is the one!!

Planet Spa Facial Masks - I love taking good care of my skin especially my face,i hate getting spots or my skin looking dry or patchy so i swear by face masks or packs to give your skin that much needed boost once in a while, and i saw these and thought OMG they are sooo cute, a pack of mini ones all diff kinds, you get 4 Mediterranean Olive Oil Hydrating Face Mask which is a clear one so you dont look silly ha, and leave it on for 20 mins and then rinse of in warm water and straight away i could feel the difference my skin is unbelievably soft i love it! The other ones you get in a pack are Japanese Sake and Rice Smoothing Face Mask which smells gorge yet to try it tho! And the last one is Deep Sea Mineral Mud Face Mask.

Winter Magic Shower Gel and Imagine Shower Creme - Love havin nice long showers in the dark horrible mornings and now its christmas time i love the spice kinda smell assoicated with christmas and these shower gels remind me of it, Love them i alwasy get the same ones around christmas time.

Fergie 'Outragous' Body Spray - I had read that Fergie was bringing out her own perfume just like every other celebrity and very nearly went rushing out to buy it, then saw in avon they done the body spray, so thought i would get that first which im glad i did, I like it but no way i would wear it as perfume it just right as a body spray but never a perfume

The Meanings Of Dreams Book Been wanting to get one of these books for a while now, I don'y know if i believe in what they say or anything but just very curious about them as sometimes i have the same dream maybe twice a week or something

Hope ya all keeping well! And gettin ready for Christmas! Any1 got their tree up yet? xx

Sunday, 5 December 2010

Past week...........

Heeeeey Dolls :)

How rya all? Feelin festive yet,had much snow where ever u are in the world? Past week we have had about 9 inches where i live in England but not it starting too thaw out and turn to that horrible slushy crap which ya slide all over the place on! Not impressed lol.

This week i havnt really been up2 much to be honest, mainly working and getting things organised for christmas, went on a little shopping spree with my Boyfriend and got a few bits, got pair of Timberland Boots been wanting a pair for ages and these got nice pink laces so a girly touch to them, they were reduced so down to £180 which isnt too bad i think. Also got some new Bourjouis nail poilish in a dark glittery grey, a new Jodi Picoult Book 'House Rules', Wii Party Game, and some bags of Jelly Belly Jelly beans we love them hehe.

In this pic on my thumb you can see my nail polish, that is the new one i purchased this weekend, when its winter i LOVE real dark colours or nudes.

So not much more to report at min.
Hows things with you all?


Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Glass Of Christmas Spirit anyone?

Hi My Loves
How are we all? Keeping well and warm in this horrid cold/snowy weather?
So anyway past few days i have really started to get all christmassy and doing my christmas lists for people and what toget them and going round the christmas markets in town, and have to admit this time of year i love i love the 'smell' in the air and all the incredible lights and seeing what people have done to their homes.

I especially love going to our coffee shops and having candy canes and big mug of gingerbread latte and sit there people watching seeing them doing their christmas shopping, Gingerbread Lattes always remind me of Christmas

I love walking down the streets and going in to the city and seeing all the huge christmas trees all lit up at night and the streets lit up with christmas lights sooo beautiful and gives me a good feeling i love it

This weekend Me and Nathan are going to buy our christmas tree and decorations yaay i can not wait, this year we have decided to get a real tree i know they can be  a pain and cause a bloody mess but i love them!
And cant wait to start putting our decorations up, we always have so much fun doing it together

Have you started your christmas shopping, or christmas tree shopping yet?
Do you have any traditions as such what you do over christmas?
We always get together on christmas eve with family and go in to town and drink mulled wine, Love it! Never fails to warm me up.