Thursday, 10 January 2013

Essie 'Leading Lady '

When the Essie Winter 2012 Collection  came out just before Christmas there were two shades I had to get my hat my mitts on one being Butler Please which I managed to get very easily and the second being Leading Lady which proved harder than I thought and I didn't manage to get it before Christmas, then on Christmas Day in my stocking was a Mini Essie set which contained  Leading Lady yaaaay.

Can we first just stop and admire how beautiful this polish is OH MY GOD I have never had a nail polish like this before so was so happy for it to be added to my collection and put it on my nails Christmas Morning,I admit it took 3 coats to get it looking all nice and even but once I had a top coat on,look how shiny and glossy it is? Such a stunning finish which I love. Even my mum loves it and she is very plain when it comes to her nail polish.

Essie describe this as a supreme deep red with glitter but to be honest that doesn't even do this polish any justice, it is without my favourite polish in any winter collection, the glitter particles look amazing and not all chunky and un even, it's a very smooth polish, and unlike some polishes which have glitter in then it's a dream to remove and I had it on for 5 days before any signs of chipping appeared. I love it so much I had to rush out and buy myself a full sized bottle.

Did you try any from their winter collection? Do you own this polish? Thoughts?

Monday, 7 January 2013

Top 5 Blogs Of 2012

There have been so many blogs I have loved on the past year, some new and some of my old faves But I thought I would just do a round up of my Top 5 / most read blogs of 2012 click on their headers for links straight to blogs as well 

I've followed Emily's blog from the very first day I started blogging and it will always be one of my Favourite blogs to read,I love how it is not just all beauty related and lots of lifestyle posts in there as well,the photos are stunning and not only is her blog amazing she is as such a lovely person xx

Corrie's blog is another one I have read from the start and I bloody love her blog, again the perfect balance of everything, she also does you tube videos which you can watch here and they are just as amazing as her blog posts, such a beautiful person inside and out.xx

Ahh just love Ray and her blog, again one the very first blogs I ever followed on here she is a complete sweetheart, especially love her monthlyfave posts and Running on empties a must follow. xx

I just love Katy's blog,I think mainly because she is a nail polish addict like myself so I always get excited when I see she has new post up to see if there are any nail polishes what I need to rush out and get ha. Such a good mixture of beauty and lifestyle, and Katy is just a lovely person .xx

Leanne's blog is just one you will never ever get bored of as it has the right balence between fashion,beauty and lifestyle, I think I have read nearly every post she has ever done and was without doubt one of my most read blogs of last year, such a lovely person as well.xx

So they are my Top5/Most read blogs of the past year,and I seem to of repeated myself a bit saying how lovely they all are,but in all honesty they are 5 of the nicest girls.xx

Friday, 4 January 2013

New Additions - Topshop Lipsticks

One of my stocking fillers this year was a trio of Topshop lipsticks now I'm guessing I should be holding my head in shame or not even admitting this but I was yet to hop on the bandwagon for these, no reason just never got round to trying to them out but always heard so many good things about them so was very happy when I saw these were one of my stocking fillers

l-r Nevada,Brighton Rock, Rumor Has it

Now I have only had these since Christmas but I'd say Santa Nath done pretty well with the choices he picked out bless him, He knows me so well and knows I'm a play it safe kind of gal so love my nudes and neutral shades but have been piping on about wanting to be more daring with my lipsticks for nights out etc hence why the Bright Rock was chucked in. First thing I noticed when trying these out is the formula they are so creamy and moisturising and smell really nice, I don't like lipsticks what have a yucky plastic scent to them but these have a nice vanilla ( i think ) scent which I really like.

Nevada reminds me a lot of MAC'S Hue  where it is a very subtle nude almost skin tone shade which would be perfect for a day to day wear.
Rumour Has It  is the one I have worn the most recently and is described as a Dusty Rose shade, I just find it the perfect shade for me and have been wearing it nearly every day.
Brighton Rock  is the in your face kind of pink shade and although it is shocking when swatched and when I opened it once applied to my lips it's not too out there lol and will defo be wearing this for nights out. I'm still not brave enough to wear this on a daily basis.

I love the packaging on these as well SO cute and very sturdy however over time I'm sure they will get filthy, after trying them out I will be purchasing more topshop lipsticks in the future I already have my eyes on Sartorial, All About Me, Whimsical.

Have you tried the Topshop Lipsticks, what ones do you own? What do you think of them? Let me know please


Thursday, 3 January 2013

2012 Faves

Super Facialist By Una Brennan ' Facial Scub'-  I never knew how hard it was going to be picking items for my 2012 fave post but it was so hard, when it came down to facial scrubs though this one won hands down,it smells amazing got a lovely rose scent and just leaves my skin feeling super clean super soft.

Elizabeth Arden Visable Difference Cleanser - I purchased this back in September I think and it is fantastic I found my skin to be in such good condition after using this and my break outs were non existent once I started using this.

MAC Cleanse Off Oil-  Now this is a product I adore, I find with my make up removers I used to use they never seemed to bbudge my mascara and I was always left with panda eyes which then had to just was off. But this is bloody fantastic a couple of pumps on to cotton pad wipe all over your face and it melts all your make up off then rinse your face and every inch of make up is gone.

Elizabeth Arden Visable Difference Face Primer & Daniel Sandler Retexturizing Face Primer - Now at the start of 2012 if you had told me that Benefit Porefessional would not be in my yearly fave post I would of called you mad, but come late summer this year I came across these two gems and I could not pick which one to put in so I put both in and to be honest I can't tell the difference in them, they are both amazing really smooth my skin out before applying foundation and really make my make up last longer than if I didn't use them.

DKNY Delicous Night & DKNY Be Delicious -  I am such a perfume junkie so I found this nearly as hard as my fave nail polishes so I decided I would pick a day time one and a night time one for day time it is Be Delicious which is just a gorgeous fresh scent which I wear on a daily basis and just adore it, then my most worn evening perfume would be the Delicious Night I'm already on my 2nd bottle of this in a year and every time I wear it I always have people  asking me what perfume am I wearing, it has such a unique musky scent quite deep as well.

Now If I had my own way there would be about 20 nail polishes on this section but I mean that just silly, Although I am one of the biggest Nail Polish addicts going on my last count I had just over 200 which is stupidly crazy and then for my stocking fillers this year Nath got me 6 Nail polishes lol. So I thought I would Narrow it down to just 4.

Nails inc Sprinkles Special Effects-  Thought I better chuck a special effects in here, I just loved this and how pretty and colourful it looked on the nails and was SO easy to remove.

Essie Sugar Daddy- Along with Essie Fiji this is one of the classics and if I find myself undecided on which colour to paint my nails I find myself reaching for this one.

Essie Butler Please -  I only purchased this in December but have worn it so much recently just a beautiful vibrant blue which looks amazing on the nails.

Revlon Colorstay RainForest- Oh My God this colour is incredible I love these Revlon polishes as much as Essie and they are the same price and I'd say on par with them quality wise. This shade is amazing a dark green which the most beautiful specks of glitter which looks amazing on the nails.

Real Techniques Brushes - These brushes are bloody amazing love them so much this year I have sworn by the blush brush and buffing brush, I also love the stippling brush.

MAC Soft & Gentle Skin finish -  This has to be on of my most used products in 2012 it is so beautiful on the skin and gives such a lovely finish, in the summer I think I went about two months using this every single day.

Stila Smudge Pot 'Kitten' -  Such a stunning base to apply shadow on to  I also find that my shadow stays on longer when I use this was the base as well, lasts for ages as well used it so much and still lots left

YSL Shocking Mascara - There have been 2 mascara's I've really liked this year this one and the Daniel Sandler Jumbo Jet one but at a push I picked this one over the DS one just because it gives my lashes more volume and length, the only downside is the price tag.

Benefit Velvet Eyeshadow in ' Rich Beach' - This has been a stable of mine now for about a year and a half it is the most beautiful taupe/brown shade and applies like a dream doesn't crease and has fantastic staying power.

MAC Highlight 'Crew'-  Now this is supposed to be a highlighter but just looks stupid with my skin tone so I've been using it as my everyday blush and I'm just in love with it gives the most perfect subtle look for a day to day look. I take it everywhere with me hence why it's all battered looking

Maybelline Colorsensational Hollywood Red- I has been looking for a deep red lipstick for ages and then I came across this one day on a whim whilst in Boots and just love it, was my most used lipstick during the winter months and over Christmas.

Revlon Just Bitten Kissable 'Honey' - This has been my day to day lip wear for the last few months as it such a beautiful neutral shade a pretty dusky pink shade which I love, I will be buying more of these that's for sure.

YSL Touche Eclat Radiant Touch - I'm shade 001 in this and it has been a complete lifesaver for the early morning starts,gives good coverage and brightens up under my eyes.

So they are my most used/loved products of 2012 I really found this hard to keep my product picks limited and not pick 5/6 for each one. Have you done a post or video for your 2012 faves? If so please leave your links