Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Monthly Faves

Wow I started going through my favourties for this month and realised I have a lot, but I guess this could be seen as two months worth as faves as I didn't do a monthly fave post for October...........

Maybelline COLORsensational 'Hollywood Red'- I always tend to play it safe when it comes to lipsticks either nudes or nudey pink shades but with Christmas coming up I decided I wanted to be a little braver and was speaking to a lovely lady in Boots and she recomended this shade and I have to say I love it, it's a beautiful red shade which isn't too in your face which I like and I've been wearing this nearly every day recently.

Daniel Sandler 'Retexturizing Face Primer'- This is all but finished up now and I'm SO sad :( hands down the most amazing primer I have ever used, it feels you are applying silk on your face and really does make such a huge difference when applying my foundation, I will be re purchasing this asap.

Lord And Berry Blush '8213'-  Firstly I hate that their blushes have no poxy name and just numbers annoys the hell out of me, that aside I adore this blush I purchased it a few months ago ready for the winter months and with it being a matte it is the perfect shade for me for winter just a pretty deep terracotta shade.

Bourjois Queen Attiude Khol Kajal'-  Always on the look out for new eyeliners and I saw this new product in Boots the other week and how bloody cute is it? An eyeliner what looks like a lipstick, ( simple things etc) ha! It gives such a smokey finish look and such a dark black shade 

YSL Shocking Mascara & Daniel Sandler Jumbo Mascara-  I honestly could not choose between these two Mascaras this month and I will be repurchasing both time and time again without a shadow of a doubt, the YSL is perfect for making my lashes looking longer and the Daniel Sandler mascara one is perfect for nights out when you want the big thick voluminising lashes.

Umberto Giannini ' Indulgent Beauty Moisture Mask'- This mask is amazing, I use it once a week as my hair has been coloured so much in the past that I find during the winter months it can become very dry especially with using hair straightners all the time etc with my hair being so thick, that I find using this mask once a week I can already tell a difference in my hair, feels so silky smooth and looks so much healthier plus it smells amazing.

DKNY 'Be Delicous'-This has been my most worn perfume for the last month during the days at work, I personally wouldnt wear it on a night out as for night outs I prefer a more sophisticated heavy scent but for during the days this is perfect just a beautiful floral scent-amazing.

Jessica ' Guilty Pleasures & OPI 'My Very First Knockwurst'-These are my most worn polishes over the past two months, love them both and just very nice classic shades whicih are perfect for every day wear,

What have you been loving the most recently? Let me know....