Friday, 24 September 2010

Hii Chickadees

How r we all today? Had a good week,what been upto? This week has been manic sooo busy at work and such annoying custamors asking such stupid questions lol how i managed to keep my cool god only knows, I really can never understand how people can ask such silly questions it's like can you actually hear yorselfs!! Anyway enough of that,I now have 1o days off work wooohooooo which i may add are well needed so this weekend Me and Nath are having a nice chilled weekend watchign X factor and Simply Red For The Last Time on itv sat night and football on sunday and amongst all that lots of washing and ironing and packing as on monday we off to Center Parcs for the week we going the one in Sherwood Forest we never been before and decided we would give it a go for a nice relaxing break and some quality time together loads of people have said it is amazing and i can not wait to try the spa out, go horse riding, and apperently the Sub Tropical Swimming Pool is out of this world which is a huge bonus for me as i love swimming and the river rapids i ca be such a water baby at times.

We had our abroad holiday earlier in the year went to Majorca for 2 weeks which was lovely, and it Nath 30th next year so we off to New York for a week for that so hence why we chose Center Parcs just something completely different and nice and relaxing! Have any off you been before? If so what did you make of it? Would love ya feed Back.

How has your week been? Any plans for weekend? 


Thursday, 23 September 2010

So i was thinking long and hard about what my next blog could be about and thought why not do one about some of my guilty pleasures or what i sometimes have no self control over and see what all yours are? I have quite a few lol.

Now as every girl knows you can never have enough shoes and i stand by that saying i find it so hard when I'm shopping not to buy a pair of shoes every time. Being only 5"3 i am obsessed with heels any kind of heels this season I'm loving wedges love you can wear wedges with literally anything you can dress them up and dress them down. Of course i love my trainers as well and for plain old comfort you can not beat a pair of Timberland boots. My fave shoe designer is Christian Louboutin and thought if i keep saving up then one day i will be able to afford a pair ha.....until i saw an online shop selling them with 40% off i had to do a double take and check the small print lol but nope it is true they are 40% off and i now have 2 pairs of Christian Louboutins finally whoop

These are the pictures of the two i purchased and i LOVE them, I never been that keen on animal print shoes but then saw these and i suppose it was love at first sight plus with jeans or a little black dress they look amazing with them.


Any kind of bags big,small,clutch,plain,patterned i love them all my everyday handbag is over sized i have 2 which i use everday one is a black one and the other is deep purple both i got from Next

I love how it so big yet i can find anything in there so easily. And in the evening depending on what I'm doing/going i use my clutch bags either a coloured one or plain black or cream one


Now like everyone i can have a sweet tooth it not so much chocolate bars anymore or sweeties but show me a cupcake and omg they are my guilty pleasure I'm sure i put an inch on my hips just by looking at them, I found the most adorable cupcake store in Kensington London called The Hummingbird Bakery and their cupcakes are delish and SO moreish i managed to get a special one when the world cup was going on which looked so pretty i really didn't wanna eat it lol till Nath said if i didn't then he would and No there was no way i was sharing it with him ha ha

I adore coffee and in a day have at least 8cups of it which i know isn't good so i always make sure i have 4  decaffeinated cups so i don't feel too guilty or bad ha, and i have to have a Starbucks at least once a week i can not say no to their Frappucinnos even in the winter i have to have one i am slightly addicted

 I can be a right book worm i love a good book to read and sometimes can read one book in a day espec in the summer where i go to the beach for a good day of sun bathing and reading i love it i take good pride in my book collection as well and have them in order of Author and categories, i think that the ocd in me coming out lol I'm the same with my DVD collection

They are just some of my weaknesses and pleasures i could of gone on and on but would of been here all night


Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Wishlist Of September

So on my wish list for this month is books as i have turned into such a little book worm at the min and there are three autobiography's which are mut haves for me and they are

Danni Minogue - My Story

I love Danni I'll be the first to admit that i haven't always loved her i used to really dislike her until Sharon Osbourne bullied her on X factor and she kept a dignified silence then she really grew on me, think she is such a beautiful person inside and out. And can not wait for her book to come out think it gonna be very interesting

Cheryl Cole- Through my eyes

Been a fan of Cheryl's right from the start, but now I'm not over struck on her solo material but think she is an amazing person and really looking forward to her book, Hers and Danni's will be the first 2 books I'll be buying as soon as they come out. Got a feeling gonna be such good reads and won't be able to put them down

Robbie Williams - You Know Me

Aw Robbie i just LOVE him pure and simple always have and probably always will, yes he isn't the best singer but he is an amazing performer and such a character, so glad he has finally put his demons to bed and got settled and married his wife seems like an amazing woman who has done the world of good for Robbie, I love books like these where they are mainly personal photos as you get a look in to their lives.

So they are my 3 items on my wish list at the min and what i will be purchasing when they come out. As i said i LOVE reading and autobiographies are my fave books.


Monday, 20 September 2010

Friends,Family,Drinking & Laughter - Perfect Weekend

Hi Girls
How ru all? Have a good weekend? This weekend was amazing i went back home to Kent to catch up with my Mum and Dad and family and friends and also because it was my Best Friends Engagement party Saturday night and it was an amazing party very hungover the next day lol Carly looked so beautiful very proud of her.

I love going bk down south and catching up with my family and friends as they mean the world to me and always have good time, I also saw me cousin Emma and her little girl Phoebe who is 2 and just the sweetest little girl. I've uploaded some pics from sat night so here they are

The Happy couple Carly and Pete xxxx

Hittin the Dance floor lol
Morning after the night before and Carly front room been turned in to the bedroom for the night pmsl

carly takin a pic of me takin her pic lol

Me a bit drunk lol & lookin like i have no teeth :/ lmao

It really was an amazing night with amazing people, then Sunday i went had dinner with mum and dad then got the train back up to Manchester and chilled in me PJ's catching up on me programmes which Nath had sky+ for me lol.

How was your weekend? Get up to much?


Friday, 17 September 2010


Hello Sweeties.
Well i thought i would have a little nap at 8pm and woke up at midnight lol so watched some Monk with Nathan we Love that show and now i am wide awake so gonna start my packing in a bit as today i am going back home to Kent for the weekend to catch up with family and friends and also for my best friend Carly's Engagement party which I'm really looking forward to as all our friends and family friends will be there and they no how to paarrttyyy so should be a really good fun night! Got a new Black and white dress to wear which think I'll wear with tights and my black high heeled shoes :o).At min I'm watching some F.R.I.E.N.D.S DVDs i just love this show so much really is my all time fave I can't even begin to pick My fave episode or character i love them all for different reasons and i can never ever get bored of them.

So won't be blogging for a couple of days as won't be taking my laptop and haven't worked out how to blog from my blackberry, So when i get back i shall upload photos from the party etc!
What are your plans for the weekend? Up to much?
Hope you have all had a good week! xx

Thursday, 16 September 2010

Extra long/Hot showers,Winter clothes,Lazy hair & new shoes :-)

Hi Girlies

So this morning i don't know about you lot but i found it so bloody hard getting out of bed was SO cold i must spent about 45 mins in the shower he he just didn't want 2 get out plus I'm kinda in love with my new shower foam it is simply incredible how such a small amount lathers up so well! And then i realised was having a major bad hair day and not a Lotta time to sort it so went for the lazy option and sweept it all up in to a messy bun with a side braid something quick and simple.And my outfit today is my new chunky knit grey Bat wing jumper from Oasis, jeans, and my new Gladiator style shows which i love

For this amount of lather i only had to use a pea sized amount which is fab and it smells gorgeous,leaves my skin feeling nice and soft all day long

Having real bad hair day today for some reason must of slept on it funny or something lol, so decided to be real lazy and sweep it in to a bun and do a side braid

As i woke up to it being SO bloody cold today i chucked on me winter jumper and jeans to keep me nice and snug i love this jumper purely for the fact of the bat wing arms are different.

With me new Gladiator style shoes i got from Dorothy Perkins which i love, love the big buckles on the front and they are SO comfy


Wednesday, 15 September 2010



Hiii honey Bees

How Ru all? Did u watch the VMAs last night? I did and was so glad they lived up to all the hype and that Kanye behaved himself for a change ha! Now i don't know about the rest of you but i love the red carpet so was very excited to see what everyone was wearing and then thought  I'd do a blog of my fave and my worsts and see if agree? Here goes


Ashley Greene

Now this girl is stunning anyway andim not normally over keen on mini dresses for awards   I love her make up and hair as well works really well with this whole outfit and hey if you had legs like hers wouldn't you be showing them off to the world!

Stephanie Pratt

Aw Miss Stephanie we love her anyway think she is amazing and so beautiful, and i am in LOVE with this Maxi Dress think it really compliments her and is just beautiful love how she has left her make up really light.

Brenda Song

I love how Brenda didn't just fit in with what everyone else wore and play safe with either an outrageous dress or mini/maxi dress, i Love how she has added a bit of rock chick to her outfit and it really works! One of my fave of the whole night

Katy Perry

I love Katy i think i have a girl crush on her and think she looks beautiful in whatever she wears, i love the fact this dress has her normal edge to it but is still very femine and girlie at the same time and adds a bit of quirkiness to it with the col in her hair. Stunning

The Misses


I can not stand Snooki anyway so in a way i knew before i saw her that i wouldn't like what she wearing and i just think she looks really cheap, not the kind of dress you would wear to awards i dont think .

Aurdina Patridge

Aww :( This pains me to put Audrina here as i love her bit i just didnt find anything special about this dress and her hair looks really limp when its normally gorgeous and full of life, I always think shehas lost way too much wieght and could do with putting on a few pounds


This outfit i just found totally bizarre, if it was just a plain one it would be ok i guess but just dont like it and dont get it.

The worst outfit of the night which i refuse to put on here is Lady GaGa raw meat outfit i actually find that quite disgusting and sick to be honest. What do you think? Who were your faves on the night?


All photos courtesy of google images.