Sunday, 31 July 2011

July Favourites

Obsessed with this band and this song

001-I love Johnson's face wipes honestly do not know what I would do without them, and when i get them I always buy 4 packs at a time 2 day and 2 night then can carry some in my handbag as well,Make my skin feel nice a refreshed and the nighttime ones have the most beautiful smell to them and remove all off my make up whilst cleansing my skin love them.

002-Only got the GOSH velvet touch primer recently and have to say our all the primers I have used this so far is my al time favourite and it really does leave my skin feeling like velvet so a funny feeling when u put it on ya fingers, the only downside is it gets used up very quickly I have nearly finished the bottle all ready.

003 - This Soap And Glory 'Scrub Your Nose In It' has been in one of my monthly faves before but recently have had a nasty break out of spots across my nose and this really does work wonders, I just use it as a mask for a few minutes,and is SO good I love the smell of it as well

004- I only got these cute Stila Palettes a week or so ago but they so cute I thought I would chuck them in here, get four pigmented eye shadows,a blusher and a bronzer in each palette and the quality is so good I will definitely be buying the other two to match them, if you wanna see swatches then I done a post here about them

005- I had heard so many good things about this lip/cheek stain so popped in to Boots and had a look and very nearly got the yummyberry one then decided to get Coconut Crush andso glad I did,it's all i have been wearing on my lips since I got it and stays on for so long,non sticky and has the most gorgeus coconut smell which reminds me of being abroad on holiday love it.

006- Was over the moon when i saw rows and rows of Sally Hansen nail varnishs in our Boots as know can be hard to find in England and spent ages picking what colours to get in end I got three but these two are my faves and such cute names Fairy Teal and Purple Pulse,got a ncie thick brush to make the plication so much easier love them will be adding to the collection.

Oh and completely off subject but this made me and Nath laugh our heads off the other night Iwas cleaning our draws out and rearranging them,popped down stairs and when I came back up look who had decided this was gonna be his bed

Cheeky git!

Hope you've all had a good weekend! What are your favourites this month?

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Looks Using UD Palette

1- I applied Gunmetal all over the lid and upto crease then blended in Creep all in the crease and the added a little bit of Vrigin in corner to act as a highlighter. Think this is one of my favourite looks.
2-Applied half Baked all over lid then blended in Toasted along the crase line and just above it.
3-Creep all over lid then Gunmetal in crease line, along with look 1 this is another of my faves,really loving the dark look for eyeshadows at the min.
4- A mixture of Sidecar and Half Baked all over the lid for a plain look with a little bit of sparkle.
5-One of my everyday combinations at the min and that is Sin all over lid with buck blended in along the crease line just for a nudey kinda look.
6-Another day to day look and I apply Naked all over the lid and build it up a bit then just add a little bit of Sidecar just for a little bit of Sparkle.

So those are my fave Combinations at the min using the Urban Decay Naked Palette, what looks do you use for your eyes at the min? Any fave combinations?


Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Stila & Sally Hansen Haul

Finally our huge Boots in town stocks Stila make up and Sally Hansen Nail varnishs, they have always dont their top coats etc but now so many different colours to choose from and whenever I watch the You Tubers talking and going on about how good their polish's are I knew I had to try them out for myself and see and on first glance I have to say I love them they got a ncie thick brush so easy to apply and nice and thick so one coat is enough, I found my love affair with O.P.I coming to an end recently so was looking for a new brand to obsess over and I think I may of found it.And of course picked up a few other bits whilst I was there. Would be rude not to though!

L-R Ocean Drive,Wave.NightLife,Cabana

L-R StarFish,SandBar,Getaway,Palm Trees

001- Loving the Nail Varnish's in Yellow Kitty,Fairy Teal and Purple Pulse, got a nice thick brush so real easy to apply and quite thick as well so one coat is good enough, and they are only £6.99 as well which i think is really good as get quite a big bottle and loving the cute names on the all.

002-Then headed over to Stila and picked up two of their summer palettes in Stunning In Sayulita and Striking In South Beach I just thought they were really cute loved the front cover of them and inside you get four eye shadows,one blusher and a bronzer obviously every palette has different colours and they are soo pigmented, inside the palette there is a cute quote and again different in my two the quotes I got were A Dreamer Lives For Eternity,& Find Balance On Your Own Two Feet,Confidence Is Beauty which I thought was sweet and how true are both of those quotes.

004- Swatches of the Palettes top ones is Striking In South Beach and bottom one is Stunning In Sayulita all the names of the shadows are in the caption under picture, they are such lovely pigmented shadows i love them.

005- I then have heard soo many amazing reviews about their lip and cheek stains that I had to get one and I opted for the Coconut Crush which is a deep nudey/pink shade and a really lovely colour I have applied it tonight when got home and it has a little brush applicator on the end so very easy to apply and feels as light as a feather on your skin not sticky or anything and the smell is amazing reminds me of being abroad on holiday LOVE IT

Have you tried any Stila products, what do you make of them?
Hope you all having a good week. xoxo 

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Oh My GOSH (Review)

Firstly I apoligise for the stupid title but my mind had gone blank. I purchased this the other day on my very quick lunch break as I had run out of my Benefit That Gal Primer and Boots did not have any in stock so I was wondering round Superdrug like some weirdo walking in circles until I came to the Gosh counter and just grabbed this primer, and thought give it a go and seriously it is AMAZING it says velvet touch and I must admit i though' yeah yeah' and didn't expect it to be like that at all but as soon as I put it on my finger to rub on to my face it literally felt like a piece of velvet/silk was being rubbed all over my cheeks and chin etc and I am now in love with this, I don't think i will be going back to That Gal either I will be sticking with this one, foundation applys so much easier and faster and stays on for longer and it leaves my skin feeling bloody damn amazing, I even get a little pea size o it and rub it into my hands to get them feeling all silky as well sad I know but hey ho. For a 30ml bottle it is £12.99 which I thought was pretty good compared to some brands and their prices like That Gal was about £20 I think and now this is my favourite and really is going to take something amazing to beat it.

Do you use a primer? Ifso what do you use?

Monday, 18 July 2011

Three NOTDs

So I was thinking I have not done a NOTD for ages and ages so here is three in one go, On my lunch today I went into Boots and Superdrug to get a few bits and whilst I was there I picked up these three varnishs which I love and they are  Maybelline Forver Strong Pro In Hot Salsa and Taupe Couture  which are complete oppisites but I love them both Hot Salsa is like a vibrant coral/pink shade and Taupe Couture isa real dark Brown almost chocolate shade. And then in superdrug I got  Gosh Frou-Frou which really reminds me off Models Own Champagne but i think it is more subtle and Much prefer it.

I think out of all three of them my fave is the Taupe Couture one as I have not got a dark dark brown shade like this, all of them apply really easy and dry nice and quick.

What Nail Varnishs are you wearing?

Sunday, 17 July 2011

Week In Pictures

001- Obsessed with Boot's Botanics Rosewater Toner not only does it smell bloody amazing,but leaves my skin feeling so smooth, use it as my make up remover as well as find it is so good around my eyes where some will leave them stining a bit this seems to be ok, get through so much of it.

002- Been using Benefit You Rebel tinted moisturiser a lot recently but needed a new foundation and as I was in boots I got Maybelline satin liquid and I have to say it is pretty damn good, think I will get it again.

003- Been a right book worm this week, I finished Diane Chamberlain 'Midwife Confessions' on Friday, So I got Karen Slaughter 'Broken' as have heard such good reviews on it, and already on chapter 15 and loving it, love a good thriller wether it be a film or a book.

004- I fell in love with Liptons Teas ages ago and then saw this flavour 'Morocco' with a hint of mint and spices and i it sooo bloody nice reminds me of chai tea which I love, and I seriously can not stop drinking this stuff.

005- Our cat socks chilling on the sofa bed in spare room which he counts as his room I think he is so damn cute though and love how he still got his pink paw pads even though the vet said he is about 2 now.

006- As the weather been shit this weekend I have rebelled if you like and been wearing bright summer colours on my nails and these are my two fave shades at the min, a nice calm yellow and vibrant purple with undertones of pinks and blues in.

Have you all had a good weekend?

Friday, 15 July 2011

'UD' - Naked

This little beauty is finally mine, I have been after it for months and months but has been sold out everywhere then I popped into town on Wednesday and went into Debenhams and there it was screaming my name, I tried walking past it two times but I just couldn't resist and I am so glad I got it I seriously don't think I will ever need another eyeshadow, it has every shade I love, and they are so pigmented and apply like a layer of silk, I can't choose my favourite shade but at the min I love Toasted,Buck,Sin,Gunmetal,and been trying out new looks like I love putting toasted all over the lid and then smog or Darkhorse in the crease and they blend in so well. So happy I have this, and seen they have their 15th Anniversary one coming out soon and that looks pretty damn amazing as well.

What are your fave shades from the palette? Do you like mixing more than one together to create a look?

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Who Knew

That one rainy Sunday afternoon last September whilst Nath was out I would decide to start a blog to see how I got on and to keep an online diary if you like that I would be sitting here now writing out my 200th post. And I have to say I still love it as much as i did back then, sometimes I like to have a break away but then I get right back into it and I think it helps that I have lovely followers and some real amazing ones who speak to on twitter and are just pretty damn amazing people.

Hayley - Was on of my very first blogs I followed and still get excited when she does a post and just love them, it helps that she is a lovely warm hearted person as well who can chat to about anything really OH and she helped me remember a book from when we were kids- Enid Blyton book.And just an all round beautiful person xoxoxo

Hannah- Aww what can I say this is is AMAZING and can not wait to have cocktails with her when she next in Manchester, love her blog posts,always makes me smile such a sweetheart who deserves the very best in life and now does you tube videos which are amazing, and someone who I have grown to count as a good friend and very very glad I found her blog and got chatting to her xoxoxoxo

Gemma - One word and that is WOW Gemma is just a beautiful beautiful person inside and out, has the most amazing blog with so much depth and really inspiring posts as well, and is just the most amazing photographer her photos are stunning they really are, She is another one who deserves nothing but happiness and the best in life because not only an amazing blogger/photographer think you would struggle to find a nicer,kinder person than her, and always makes me laugh got a wicked sense of humour.xoxoxox

Samantha- I think I followed her blog around the same time as I did Hayley blog and is still one of my fave blogs ever, always look forward to her posts, plus is a girl after my own heart with a love for Hummingbird bakery and topshop,such a lovely warm hearted person oh and has the most cutest dog :-) xoxox

Laura-I just love this girls blog posts, she was my very first American blog I followed back in October and whenever was having a bad day or feeling a bit down I would always read one of her posts and would cheer me up,blogs about anything and everything and chat to her on twitter and she is such a darling a really lovely girl blogger would be a bloody dull place without her.

Charli- Love Charli blog amazing and always look forward to new posts she does. Also my fellow insomniac so always know whenever am awake at stupid o clock I have someone to chat to and always makes me smile and an all round lovely lovely person who makes fab you tube videos as well.

Hayley- Must b something with the name eh! :) This girl is one of the nicest people on blogger and twitter got a heart of gold and blogger/twitter would be crap if Hayley wasn't on them, gets on with every1 and her posts always put a smile on my face! Has such a cute cat as well.

I could go on and on and on and on with all other amazing blogger but those girls r the stand out ones for me and who have made this blogging experience an amazing time for me and who's posts I always look out for straight away, I think blogger would be so horrible and dull without these girls so from the bottom of my heart THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU oh p.s THANK YOU!!! you r all amazing people xxx

And thank you to everyone else as well who follows my little old blog it really does mean the world to me.

Saturday, 9 July 2011

A Heart 2 Heart - Just Me

I have seen quite a few of these posts around at the minute and thought I would do one myself plus it a good way of getting to know the person behind the blog a bit better.

  • I love to laugh and I know that may sound odd but I always find something to laugh about, and I love people who make me laugh, if you can make me laugh then you have my attention, that is one the main things I love about Nathan even now after 5 years together he still makes me howl with laughter nearly every day, together we can be such a couple of divs mucking around and laughing at ourselves and I love it,Laughter really is the best medicine

  • I really can not stand spoilt little brats who get everything handed to them on a plate it makes my blood boil so much, I had my first job in a little bakers when I was 16 part time and getting £3.40 an hour and I can still remember my excitment when I got my first pay packet and went and bought stuff with my own money, and even to this day now at the end of each month and when all the bills are paid and I go on a shopping spree or book a holiday with Nath it makes me so happy knowing that I have worked bloody hard for it, thing like my super sweet 16 programmes make me angry with all these little brats who get everything they want from their mummy and daddy I mean seriously a mercedes convertible for ya 16th?! REALLY?!!

  • I love my mum so much and so happy I can call her one my best friends, it been a long hard struggle for us to get to this place but we finally got there, when I was growing up me and my mum lets say butted heads a few times over sooo many things and so many times we went for weeks not talking, there was a stage where she could of told me the sky was blue and I would argue with it, then when I hit 17 something changed or us both and now we very rarely argue and now we love spending time together and can have a bloody good time together dint get me wrong we can still argue and when we do it is always a biggy but overall we get on great and speak every single day, I live in Manchester and mum is in Kent so make sure we always speak every day and go and see her every month.

  • I have a tendencey where I have to be nice to everyone, even if someone has been nasty to me I am always the one who has to say sorry first, I don;t know what it is but I just have to be nice, and I think that can be my downfall as in the past have been walked all over and was never very good at sticking up for myself.

  • I used to worry about what people thought of me and would go out of my way to get people to like me,even at school if anyone ever wanted anything I would go out my way to get it for them ust so they would like me, but now I know they were only after what I gave them and I have no time for people like that in my life, I have the best friends and best boyfriend I could ever wish for and who mean the bloody world to me so now if people don't like me then to be honest I really don't care I am who I am and won't change for those kind of people.

  • Have learnt in life there is always going to be that one guy who breaks your heart so bad and you think you will never trust another person again but trust me you can not let that one experience affect the way you go about your future relationships not every guy is like that one bastard and can't stop yourself from loving again because of it.

  • My Dad is the most amazing wonderful man and I am such a daddy's girl, he has done so much for me in my life and helped me out so much I can never ever thank him enough, he has the best sense of humour ever! One year for Aprils fools my uncle and aunt were putting a pond in their garden and he wrote a letter pretending to be from the council telling them they could not have it, we went round later that day and they were starting to fill it in, we howled with laughter and so did they! He always puts my mind at ease about anything I can be such a worrier yet one phone call to my Dad and he just calms me right down.

  • I can not stand people who are all about the material things in life I find it shallow and so fickle and do not want people like that in my life, The way I see it is as long as you are happy,have the people you love around you then that is all what matters it is not about who has the best car, best brand of make up, or going to the most exotic holiday destinations it is what you make of it seriously who cares if you go to the Maldives or the isle of wight? As long as you have a good time and enjoy yaself, and yes MAC make up is lovely but honestly maybelline/rimmel blushers are just as good etc, things like that where you are really just paying for the name. And yes I have MAC make up but I don't go and buy it all the time, I get it as a treat I would rather put that money towards going away with Nath or going back down to Kent to be with family.

  • I have the most wonderful boyfriend in the world I really do and I am such a lucky girl to have met him,we were friends for 3 years before we got together and I have seriously found the one in him, my family adore him as do my friends and he is just the nicest sweetest funniest person I have ever known, I can have such insecure moments and he always cheers me up and makes me feel better about myself and when I am in a bad mood he always makes a div of himself to cheer me up, and I can not wait to have a family with him and make so many more memories together.

  • I feel awful when people are upset or hurting I always want to help everyone, and I always keep my phone on all the time so incase any of my friends need me they can phone me no matter what the time is they know am always there for them, makes me sad when other people are sad so always do what I can to cheer people up.

So there are just a few random facts about me, and I know I may of rambled so i do apologise if I have bored you shitless.

Friday, 8 July 2011

'I Used To Run In Circles Going Nowhere Fast'

This week has been quite a quiet one for a change just been busy with work and getting a lot busier now as coming up to school holidays for the summer and then been getting back in to going to the gym, I used to be good and go all the time but then my love for food over took that but now the past week me and nath have been 4 times, I'm gonna sign up and do kick boxing classes and bikram yoga as well, Have any of you done Bikram yoga? Any good?

Mainly just been chilling out watching lots of films this week we watched The Bodyguard,The Pursuit Of Happyness,I Am You,Arlington Road and Unlawful Entry love all those films, even though few of them are quite old now, you seen any good films? I got this months Marie Claire magazine and got a free Ciate lipgloss in vibrant pink and must say am so impressed with it, only need a very little bit as it is so pigmented reminds me a bit of OCC Lip Tars.

Being the book worm that I am I got two new books by Diane Chamberlain 'Breaking The Silence and 'Midwifes Confessions' I have already finished Breaking the silence and it is fantastic left me gasping and OMG in a few places but a fantastic read, going to start Midwifes confessions this weekend.

I am loving my CowShed Horny Cow moisturiser at the min, it is sooo good and leave such a beautiful smell on my skin like a kind of spicy floral scent so nice, also I haven't worn this in a while but recently been wearing Benefit Mod Squad lippie as summer is approaching and such a nice sheer pink colour I love it and Know I am supposed to be being good at the min and going to gym but I am sorry I can NEVER say no to Nerds I love them and especially the double dipped ones. So yummy.

A Few to Follow~

Three amazing girls, and love their blogs so go and have a nosey you won't be disappointed and if u see them on twitter go say hello they are three of the nicest girls you will speak to. And last but not least is a new blog I have come across and I am shocked I have not found her blog before as i LOVE it and that is

Hope you have all had a good week and have a fab weekend.

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

June Favourites

Spiked Punch the perfect lipgloss for summer

001 - Benefit Girl Meets Pearl Highlighter is my fave at this present moment, I also love high beam but this gives such a lovely subtle pink glow and love applying it on the apples of my cheeks and lasts such a long time as only need a very small amount.
002- Rimmel 60 Seconds in Sky High I have had this for ages and ages and only started using it again recently and forgot what a beautiful colour it is, perfect for this beautiful weather we've been having recently i love it
003-Benefit Lipgloss in Spiked Punch Is the most gorgeous coral shade and is the only lipgloss I have been wearing the last month or so I am obsessed with it, and already on my 2nd bottle of it, love how it is not super sticky either and just love it.
004 Benefit Rich Beach and Bourjous Intense shade 01- I love these two shades at the min, I have had rich beach for a while now and am using it more and more, benefit is defo probably my fave brand for eye shadows they just feel like silk and apply so easy and stay for so long, and Bourjous new intense shades are amazing and I love how shimmery this one is, and also been using ti as a highlighter for the crease as well

Also this month been using Garnier Summer Body self tanning lotion, which acts as a moisturiser as well and smells so good, leaves my skin feeling really smooth and hydrated as well as giving it a gradual tan, and I don't know if anyone else is the same but in this hot weather I can NOT wear a lot of make up just makes me feel eurgh so instead of foundation I use Benefit tinted moisturiser You Rebel which I adore.

What re your faves from June which you have been loving?

Sunday, 3 July 2011

Two Weeks In Pictures

01- Had a friends wedding in June down in Cornwell, so whilst we were down there spent some time taking long walks and taking in the beautiful views, Just stunning.
02-Rose Champagne and the Flowers from Polly's wedding which was a beautiful day and the weather was amaing.
03- The Stunning Bride, how beautiful does she look?
04- My Friend Connie mucking around with the jagerbombs at the wedding reception such an amazing night
05-Our other friend Sally got married last weekend, a picture of her and 2 of the bridesmaids another stunning bride.
06- Been a complete book worm this weekend chilling in the garden topping up my tan drinking cider and reading, and just started a new book which I am loving at the min.
07- Heat a bit too much for Socks, but still keeps me company chilling in the shade
08-Had a last min trip to Stourhead yesterday and had a picnic, it really is a beautiful place
09-Another picture from Stourhead
010- I am Obsessed with this Margaret Dabbs Hydrating Foot Soak, I got it in this months disaster of a glossybox, and once it has run out I will defo be buying it, has the most gorgeous citrus smell to it and leaves my feet feeling so silky smooth and soft.

Hope you have all had an amazing weekend.