Thursday, 26 April 2012

Favourite Make up Brushes

L-R Buffing Brush,Stippling Brush,Contour Brush

Real Techniques are fast becoming my favourite brand of make up brushes they tick all the boxes, affordable,practical,and easy to use, plus they are SO soft, I seem to spend ages just brushing them against my cheeks when I first get them :).

Stippling Brush -

This brush can be used for foundation,blush,cream blush etc, and at the moment I use this for my foundation and straight away I could tell a difference it gives that airbrushed finish and really blends and buffs the foundation into my skin quickly as well, so saves so much time in the morning. I honestly don't know how I coped without this brush before. It really is a god send.

Buffing Brush-

Again this brush can be used for either foundation or blush etc, and so people prefer to use this for their foundation but for me personally I adore this brush for my blush I find it really blends my blush in to my cheekbones and gives  a nice blended flawless finish rather than that annoying clown look which can sometimes happen haha :/ it really picks up a lot of product as well so you don't need to swirl around too many times to get the amount of blush you are looking for.

Contour Brush

There not much I can say about this brush really,it speaks for itself and does it's job better than any other brushes I have used before for contouring and is quite simply amazing! I believe everyone should own this in their make up brush collection.

What make up brushes are you loving and reaching for at the moment?


Monday, 23 April 2012

Collective Haul #1


So over the last month or so I have been on a few little spending sprees, but due to stuff going on in my personal life I just have not had time to or even think about blogging about them, but now i'm slowly trying to get back into a normal routine in my life I thought I would start doing a few Haul posts, this will be part one of a few things I got and then over next week or so I will through some more in rather than going picture happy and boring everyone.

Real Techniques Brushes- I got the infamous Stippling brush, Shading brush and then the Core Collection. I have been using them for a while now and have to say I am in love with the the buffing and Stippling brush they really do make such a huge difference.

Benefit Coralista Blush- Popped into House Of Fraser to grab some Yankee candles and as I walked by the Benefit counter I had managed to convince myself I needed yet another blush, and I first had Coralista a few years ago and loved it so decided to get it again,and love it as much now as I did back then. The lovely lady on the counter gave me a little Total Moisturise sample.

Models Own Nail Polishes - L-R 'Hedonist,Disco Mix,Disco Heaven, Blooming Pink. I flipping love the Models own/Hed Kandi polishes they are such an amazing collection and I think my fave has to be Hedonist it is SO neon :) love it

Diva Bracelets- Had a quick look in Miss Selfridge and saw these cute cross bracelets and thought the neon pink one was so cute so had to get them,and the other bracelet just called out at me.

Have you been on a shopping spree recently? What did you get?


Monday, 16 April 2012

NOTD OPI 'Do You Lilac it?'

Now we been getting a few more sunny/warmer days I have been bringing all my Pastal shades and bright shades out as there nothing nicer than on a sunny day have a pretty shade of Nail polish on ya nails.

One of my all time favourite shades is OPI 'Do You Lilac it?' it is just the perfect pastal lilac shade,and I get full coverage with just two coats,during the spring and summer months I always find myself reaching for this shade and so far I have never got bored of it.

My all time fave top coat also is the OPI Rapid Dry Top Coat which is pretty amazing but I have ran out of that so at the moment I have been using Sally Hansen Mega Shine top coat and oh my god it adds just enough gloss to make every shade look extra shiny I love it.

What Nail colours do you love during the summer?


Thursday, 12 April 2012

Fave Soap & Glory Products

The Greatest Scrub Of all-

What S&G say- Contains a blend of super gentle silicami particles and salicylic acid-loaded scrub beads, so the more you scrub, the more you smooth. Like a DIY microdermabrasion. It’s a scrub formulated to leave even the most exhausted face looking FRESH

What I say- I decided to get this when there was a 3 for 2 offer on in Boots and couldn't decide what else I wanted to get, Now I am SO glad I did get this as it is amazing, I have been using it for past 2 or 3 weeks and my skin is so much smoother and soft,and I have not had a break out of spots since I have included this in my skin care routine.

Pulp Friction

What S&G say- Get fresher, smoother and softer skin with fig powder, pumice, peppermint oil, lemonade tree liquid, orange waterjuice™ and vitaminballs™ (A,C,E). Scented with our new Fruitigo™ fragrance.

What I say- Firstly this is like nothing I have ever used before as it is a Scrub but also it foams up which is amazing, the smell is just like Butter Yourself so a nice holiday smell which I love and this scrub is amazing it really helps my skin and especially use it on my knees where can be prone to dry patches and it really works well.
Butter Yourself

What S&G say - Fruity body moisturiser containing exfoliating AHAs, orange waterjuice™, shea butter, peppermint oil & fruitliquid fig. Scented with our new Fruitigo™ fragrance.

What I say- I love this product so much and I'm already on my 4th tub of this, I used to love the Righteous Butter and of course it is still nice but oh my god this Butter Yourself is beyond amazing the smell just reminds me of being on holiday and lingers on my skin longer love it

Peaches And Clean

What S&G say- Our special clogged T-zone formula Includes peach extract (with skin smoothing fruit acids), quillaja bark (a gentle natural ‘soap’), jojoba oil (an emollient skin softener), Detoxyboost™ technology (to help purify and deep clean) and Poreshrink R2™ (for a clearer, fresher, brighter complexion). In our opinion it’s the best cleansing milk on the market!

What I say - OMG this is a complete LOVE affair, I had so many good reviews about this and was thinking ' will it live up to the hype?' well it has and more, firstly if you love peaches you will adore the smell it just smells like a peach yoghurt and it works wonders for my skin,I use a couple of small pumps and rub it on all over my face whilst I still have my make up on leave it for a couple of minutes and then wash it off and all my make up comes off with it,Just amazing and leaves my skin feeling so good.

Scrub 'EM And Leave EM'-

What S&G say- With babassu oil, sea salt and moisturising jojoba and mandarin oils. Scented with our Mist You Madly™ fragrance.

What I say- ahhhh the smell is the first thing I have to mention is as it is out of this world, I could just sit there and smell this all day long :). This is without doubt one of my favourite body exfoliators and couldn't do with out it.

Have you tried any of these S&G products? What S&G products do you like?


Sunday, 8 April 2012

R.I.P Dad xxxxxxxx

This is the hardest thing I've ever had to write but it has been over a week now so I feel okay to do it.
Three weeks ago my amazing Dad was taken into hospital with a burst ulcer in his bowel on Sunday 25th March he had an operation to remove part of his bowel and ofc the ulcer, was in ICU until weds afternoon then was moved back up to the normal ward where nurses and consultant said he was doing amazing and would be home by Easter.

Friday 31st March I went to see him 2-4 for visiting hours and was having a joke with him about our football teams Fulham and Newcastle and said I would be back tomorrow to see him, at 6pm Friday I got a phone call from Kate the nurse to say he had been bleeding again and get to the hospital, I got there at 7pm and was led to the relatives room where I was told my amazing Dad passed away he was 60 and there in that split second my whole world had changed forever the most amazing incredible man who was my rock had gone and even now to think I won't hear his laugh ever again breaks my heart into a million pieces.

I know everyone says their parents are the best,to me my Dad was 1 in a 10000 million I have always been a complete and utter Daddy's girl, worshipped the ground he walked on,couldn't go a day without speaking to him 3 or 4 times, he was the nicest,kindest,funniest,loveliest man i have ever know he would give any1 the shirt of his own back if it meant he could help them.

He done so much for me in my life, I was a pain as a teenager but he was always there never judging or having a go, just said go on get it out ya system then bloody grow up ya div :D and thank god I did, I could talk to my Dad about anything and he was always there to listen and to help. He had the most amazing sense of humour it was incredible and everyone who i have spoken to recently since his passing have all said he was the funniest,quick witted kind heart person they ever knew which makes my heart burst with pride.

He always worried about me being a worrier as I tend to worry a LOT!! Kate the nurse said he would always say in hospital Make sure Hay doesn't worry,you know what she's like she'll panic'. So i now know to STOP worrying about things, Dad would not want that he would go mental at me if he could see me now with tears streaming down my cheeks whilst I write this, so for you Dad I promise I will stop worrying so much and I will be strong and carry on for you, and I know his spirit will always be with me and will always know how i'm doing.

A prime example of Dad sense of humour, one year my aunt and uncle were  digging in their garden to make a pond, Dad wrote a letter from the council saying they didn't have planning permission and had to fill it in, we went round there to find them both in this huge big hole filling it in, omg how we howled with laughter when dad told them it was him doing it as a joke

So Dad thank you for not only being my Dad but my best friend, I will miss you every single day for the rest of my life, there will not be a day what goes by where I won't think of you and smile.Everything you done for me you made me the person I am today.I
I love you with all my heart forever and ever and ever xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx