Wednesday, 31 August 2011

**NOTD** Pedal To The Metal

I'm on a spending ban at the min because we are off to Dublin in less than 2 weeks, so saving for that but Nath came back from work today with 6 Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure polishes as knows I love them and got such beautiful colours bless him he done good! And was a nice surprise :).
This is the first shade I tried and when I first saw it I thought was going to be a pure metallic silver but as you can see it has really nice purple/lilac undertones in it which really take the edge off and make it look so much softer than it first looks and I have to say I love it. I don't know if I would of picked it myself which makes me like it all the more as something a bit different for me.
I love these nail polishes as they pretty much like O.P.I got nice thick brush,dry really quick,aply easily but I think I prefer them to O.P.I as they last longer without chipping and are a little bit cheaper as well but no lacking in the quality. I think either later or tomorrow I will do a post on the other ones he got me as well.
Have you tried Sally Hansen varnishs before? what are fave brands?

Sunday, 28 August 2011

As Autumn Is Near....

There nothing I like more than settling down to read a good ol book,I swear if I ever won the lottery I would have a huge library lke this in my house
Nothing nicer than curling up in front of an open fire spending quality time with loved ones 
Love snuggling down in huge comfy bed with big thick duvets getting nice and toastie
 Going for long walks and watching the sunset through the trees,highlighting the beautiful change of colours

What do you love about autumn? Hope you are all having a lovely Bank Holiday weekend?


Sunday, 21 August 2011

Sunday Summary

001//Been Loving this Ciate Nail Paint Pot in Wait Till It's Dark, just a real nice deep Shimmery Purple shade and doesn't chip easily either which I love 003 A quick picture of it, apoligies for the messiness was v slap handed with it lol in a rush.
002//This weekend I realised had so many books lying around which havn't read yet so decided on which ones I wanted to read soon, at the min I am half way through The People Next Door, although it's really creeping me out.
004// Am obsessed with these Mrs Crumbles cheese bites so bloody nice and moreish.
005//006//007// Had friends over for drinks and Xfactor last night, I had said was not going to watch this year, but decided to give it a go and have to say am really liking the new panel especially Tulisa seems lovely but fiesty too which is never a bad thing. These Kooperburg ciders are amazing love them especially the Strawberry & Lime,the Crushed Berries Bulmer ones were alright but not as good as the others.

Hope you've all had a good weekend
Any1 recomend any good books?

Friday, 19 August 2011

Week In Photos

001// In tesco at the min all the Original Source is bogof so I kinda went a little mad on the bubble baths as you can see I got the Lavender,Black Chilli and Pepper and Vanilla and cocoa which got two of all of them, and then grabbed some shower gels as well, I love original Source especially as they smell sooo damn amazing especially the raspberry and vanilla milk shower creme love it.
002// Been using my Stila Palette a lot this week and especially the shades Starfish and Sandbar for an everyday look really like those two shades the most.
003//My 2 fave Nail Polishs of the moment are my Essie Lilacism and Super Bossa Nova the Lilacism is such a beautiful pale pastal shade and then the SBN is such a vibrant pink with hints of purple in I love it.
004//Also this week we been watching re runs Of  EveryBody Loves Raymond
,such a funny programme love it.

Also this week we been to see a few films - Rise Of Planet Of The Apes which we loved,Super 8 was really good,and Friends With Benefits very funny.

Have you all had a good week? Hope all have a wonderful weekend

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Essie Haul

I don't know if anyone else saw but in Saturdays tv mag with the Sun newspaper was a 20% code off for so I thought I would go over and have a look but it didnt stop at just a look I had to make use of the code well be rude not to :)

And picked up 6 Essie Nail varnishs it was so hard deciding which ones as so many but I finally settled on L-R (in te picture) Turquoise &Caicos,Lapis Of Luxury,Lilacism,Fondola Gondola,Meet Me At Sunset and Super Bossa Nova. How cool are the names? As soon as they arrived today of course I had to try them out and first one I tried was Lapis Of Luxury which is a gorgeous sky blue shade which I love,these are my first Essie purchases and I have to say I will be buying again they so easy to apply and dry quick. I got a few other bits from Stila and some skincare products but will do them in another post as this would of been to picture heavy. What are your fave nail varnish brands?

And lastly I am still in shock with all these awful/heartbreaking rioting going on in this country at the minute.I really can not understand how these scumbags think it is ok to ruin peoples lives and properties, no matter how bad things get with the economy,you don't see everyone else going out and doing it, It is sick and disgusting beyond words, and I hope you are all ok where you


Friday, 5 August 2011

Let's Get Organised

Bleu Asphaite,Ivory Rose,Cloudy Grey,Taupe Couture

Top Row-Austin-tatious Turquoise,Fairy Teal,Purple Rose
Bottom Row-Hot Salsa,Shorts Story,Flamingo Pink,Yellow Kitty,Jaune Trendy

So I have been sorting out some storage and putting away loads of make up which I don't use much and organising all the things I use ofte, So I started on my Nail varnishs which I have way too many off So I placed all the ones in a draw which I don't use often and the ones I am using a lot I have stored in a metal tray and put on my shelf and this is the outcome the ones I am using more of recently are all the nude shades and then the brighter shades for summer well if we ever get a proper one it seems we have a week of boiling weather then a week of shitty horrible weather.

My faves atm out of these have to be the Maybelline in Taupe Couture which is a lovely dark brown shade which is so glossy and dries super quick, I have been wearing that this week with Cloudy Grey on my ring finger.Then for more brighter shades I love my Sally Hansen Yellow Kitty which is the most beautiful pastal yellow and been searching for a shade like this for ages, and also I love my Maybelline Hot Salsa I have enver really been a lover of reds as find them kinda dull I guess but this is a cross between a vibrant red and a pink Love it.

All my other varnishs are stored in containers in my make up cabinet, I had them all over my shelfs but was getting so messy and really doing my head in, So decided to store them like this.

Do you have specific ways on how you store your varnishs? What are your favourite shades at the minute?

Thursday, 4 August 2011

Just Planking Around

So whilst this weather of ours has been  makng it mind up what to do this week I have had a couple of days off so I decided to go and see my aunt at her cottage and chill in the hammock reading book and drinking wine untill I was up ended by my cousin ha,and spent some ncie timjust chilling in the fields by her cottage and took couple pictures of the sun shining through the trees as looked so pretty.Also been wearing my Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure in Fairy Teal which I love .

 I love living in a big city but I think deep down I am a country girl at heart being in the countryside drinking wine and sunbathing going for long walks really does make me so happy. And then Last night I went for a few drinks with friends which then ended up in a stop off at Dominos where Sammy thought it would be a good idea to do a spot of Planking haha was so funny and thank god no-one else was around as god knows what they would of thought. Apart from that been a pretty quiet week and very busy at work, thank god the weekend is upon us.

Hope you've all had a good week.