Thursday, 30 June 2011

Problems With Glossybox

So I have only recieved my June Glossybox today and there is a long story behind it which left me fuming!! I was away for wedding in blackpool from the 12th june till the 17th and when I got home I had an email dated the 12th saying payment coming out in 2 days time so I thought fine and made sure I kept £10 in my bank for it, then 2 days later I had an email along with 20 other people saying on 2 occasions we tried to take the money but could not which there and then I knew was a blatent lie as the £10 was still sitting in my account they then went onto say we have now cancelled ur account with us, So I sent email back saying how angry I was with this and if they had tried 2 times why did they not email after the first time? I then went into my local branch bank and asked them and they said no company had attempted tot ake any money from my bank, so by now BLOOD BOILING i send another emailing demanding to know what is going on, they then send another one back saying there was some mistake and too many orders and they had done an error so basically what they mean is they blame me and the other people and cancel our accounts when it their fault so I phoned up and had a right go and they said they would send me out a free box by now I just thought yeah whatever, anyway a week later it arrives and heres what was in it

+ OPI's New Designer Series.
+ Batiste Dry Shampoo
Then every got something different for their 5th product and I got the
+ Margaret Dabbs (Intensive Hydrating Foot Lotion)

So all in all ok I guess, the perfume I would never wear smells like something my Nan would wear, already got the OPI shade, I LOVE the Margaret Dabbs foot lotion smells gorgeus and love soaking my feet then painting my nails ready for summer and it is a huge bottle 200ml, Batiste i adore always  use them but Glossybox you advertise as HIGH END samples? Batiste is no where near high end as you can get for around £2.99 in Boots or Superdrug.
And then they say they will be adding £2.95 delivery charges from September sorry but that is laughable and they should of stated that from the get go, Birchbox in America treat their custamors better than this and have been going a lot longer! For a new company they are doing everything in their power to piss people off and it is working bigtime, If you have a complaint or anything it takes them at least 3 days to get back to you which is just bad manners, everyone knows with a new company you should be doing all you can to get people to like you.

I am not bothering taking pictures as I am sure you have already seen them, I may do a review on the Foot Lotion though as it is amazing.

Has anyone else had problems with them? Would love to hear

Saturday, 11 June 2011

Cocktails,Afternoon Tea and Surprises

So this week has been very random to sum it up been busy at work, getting stuff ready for our trip over to
Blackpool tomorrow, catching up with friends over afternoon tea and cakes and a last minute trip to the safari park. Have you all had a good week? Been upto much?

Raspberry Bellini- Went for a couple of cocktails after work with friends and these are soooo nice :). Tried making them at home but is never the same.
 Afternoon Tea - Went to a cute little farmhouse tea room with family friends not seen in ages for tea and cake and a good old catch up which was so nice, so lovely how you may not see some people for a while but as soon as you are together again it like you have never been apart.
Afterwards- I got Rosamund Lupton's first book Sister which I thought was pretty amazing and then I saw this her second book and just had to snap it up, have not started it yet but it sounds amazing and I'm now rushing through my book I'm reading at the min so I can start it.
Pandora- I got home from work on Thursday and Nath was working away but on my side of the bed was a Pandora bag Yaaay and inside was this lovely Pandora bracelet and heart charm which Nath had bought me as a surprise :) such a lovely thoughtful boyfriend.
Safari Park- Today we ended up taking our friends daughter to Knowsley Safari Park which was an experience especially when we drove through the monkeys and they nearly ripped our windscreen wipers off lol but a good day all in all.

Tonight is a quiet night finishing our packing and having a Thai meal takeaway, Then we off to Blackpool tomorrow with my Mum till friday to see friends etc. Hope you are all having an amazing weekend and have a good week.


Monday, 6 June 2011

"And I had a feeling that I belonged "

Hope you have all had a lovely weekend and enjoyed the beautiful weather, was shocked how hot it was litreally scorching! Not that I'm complaining can't beat a nice hot day. Did any of you see Britains Got Talent? Personally I didnt like Jai one bit I thought Ronan would win, I love Steven Hall as well so funny and of course Michael Collings has the most gorgeus voice. This weekend has a nice one chilling with Nath, seeing friends,eating out and watching lots of movies.

Roast Lamb what Nath cooked for us Sunday was soooo yummy
Sara mid laughing fit
The Napkins in pub made to look like mini tuxedos :)
Nath had seafood platter looked so nice
NOTD O.P.I Green-wich Village
Birthday cake I had made  for my Friends Birthday which is Tuesday

Also today we watched Toy Story 3 which we loved and I actually thought was quite sad as well and Home Alone 2 haha such a classic love it.

Hope you all have a good week. What did you get upto this weekend?

Thursday, 2 June 2011

May Favourites

Can not believe it is June all ready, seriously this year is going so fast. Let's hope we have a really hot summer fingers crossed.

I am in love with any Original Source Products and recently I came across these body scrubs and omg they are amazing ans such gorgeous smelling as well especially the Honey and Cranberry such a lovely gorgeous smell which lingers long after using it. And then the good ol original Mint but this one has crushed walnuts in which is amazing I could sit and smell it all day. And then also loving this month my Original Source Raspberry & Vanilla Milk Moisturising hand wash  which has now become my fave ever it used to be Avons Mystique which reminded me of Paul Smith perfume which I adore but since I have got the Original Source one I love it the smell is out of this world and reminds me of summer time and leaves my hands feeling so smooth and soft.And then Soap & Glory Scrub your nose in it has been a fave of mine for ages now and just like all their products smells amazing and works wonders.

A few of my favourite make up items this month include my new MAC Blusher 'Dame' It is the most pretty pale pink which gives an amazing flushed look on my cheeks been using it every day since I got it. Also I have been using MAC eyeshadow in Scene love it for a smokey eye effect and applies SO well and lasts all day, also love MAC eyeshadow in Stars N Rockets  without doubt my perfect summer eyeshadow an amazing lilac/pink shade with a gorge shimmer and then for perfect shimmer on the face I am kind of obsessed with NARS Orgasm it is amazing and nearly finished my tube of it all ready will definitely be buying again. My two favourite nail polishs this week are O.P.I 'Austin-tatious Turquoise the most beautiful blue/green shimmer colour which is so vibrant even after just one coat love wearing it on my toe nails when wearing peep toe shoes, and then my next one I only got recently and it is Maybelline Express 40 Seconds ' Violet Profond' and as soon as i saw it in the bottle and could see it was had other colours in it I knew I had to get it and so happy it looks as fab on nails as it does in the bottle it has the most stunning pink and blue undertones in it so in different lights you can see the hints of the blue and pink and in daylight it is amazing.

So that's my few faves for May.
What are yours?

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Tag: Soundtrack To My Life

The other day I was reading some of my favourite blogs and came across this cool tag on Hayley's blog and thought I would do it myself :) Hope ya don;t mind Hayley. Also if you want a good blog to read then I suggest you  go and have a look at Hayley blog here without doubt one of my faves on here and she is such a lovely lovely person.


Bryan Adams Summer Of 69- Now this has been one of my all time faves since I can remember and my mum,aunt and cousin love it as well so always makes me laugh when I hear it as soo many memories of all of us going mentle to it when ever it comes on, Plus my Mum has the most funniest foot stomp she does as soon as she hears the first couple of beats.
Oasis Champagne Supernova - This is without doubt my fave Oasis song ever and just brings back such good memories hanging out with friends with the Oasis album blaring having a good time
Destinys Child So Good - I don't think this was ever released over here but it was myfave song on their album Writing on the wall which even now is one of my fave albums and even now I can remember it was in the summer I got this album whilst shopping in Bromley with my older cousin Sara and playing it non stop for days on end when I got home.
Bon Jovi You Give Love A Bad Name- My school friend Leonie was obsessed with these when we were at school in year 9 I think and i remember thinking eurgh they are crap but then the more she played them the more I loved them and now I am as mad about them as she is and I could of choosen so many but this is such a good song especially if you are pissed of with a bloke haha.
Boyzone Father and son Was a huuge boyzone fan when was younger and nope not ashamed to admit that and even now I still like them a lot especially Shayne phoawrrr ;-) and I always remeber this getting the best reaction when we saw them in concert at wembley nd even now ehn they do it I love it
Akon Smack It Quite a recent one but this always reminds me of when me and Nath had a date weekend when he was in Manchester and I was still in Kent and we went to London for weekend and found the most amazing wine bar called Siroccos and they had this playing and where it was hevaing they opened the vip lounge up upstairs and let us and few others up there, and was so drunk I dropped my phone of the balconey on to some poor blokes head lol.
Annie Lennox Walking on Broken Glass After few glasses of wine or cocktails me and my cousin seem to think we are the best dancers and tend to dance to this like we are actually walking on broken glass lol couple of odd balls
Embrace Natures Law This is such a beautiful song and I love it never ever get bored of them
Snow Patrol Chasing Cars I am yet to come across someone who does not love this song, I love this band they are beyond incredible and saw them at Oxygen festival in Ireland couple of years ago and they blew me away I was covered in goosebumps.
Four Tops Loco in Acapulco  One of my favourite films of all times is Buster I love it and get so happy when I hear this song in it as I love the Four Tops and any motown song really.
Pink You Make Me Sick Love pink love every single song she has done and her first album Can't take me home' is amazing I love it reminds me of leaving school and first girlie holiday in Portugal and still play it now.

So there are just a few I could of gone on and on but better stop now otherwise it would be an essay. Hope you are all having a good week and I Tag You All.