Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Week In Pictures

001-We went over to the Lake District on Sunday for a nice long walk,was blood knackered by the end of it but such lovely day.
002-Made dinner for us Monday which was just shredded Duck,noodles,mange tout,spring onions,peppers, in soy and Hoisin sauce was so yummy even if I say so myself :-)
003 Some one needs to come take these away from me,Had couple of days of work so been watching stuff on computer and stuffing my face with them such a pig but my god they are so bloody nice.
004-I know I am a bit slow on this but have recently just got in to Pretty Little Liars OMG it is AMAZING well and truely hooked, even Nath likes it so on Sat we watched about 12 episodes back to back snuggled in bed,Has anyone read the books are they good Anyone else LOVE it?
005 As the weather has been really horrible and cold decided to perk myself and paint my nails in Essie Super Bosa Nova which is such an amazing vibrant pink i love it.
006- My books I have been reading over our 'Summer' The People Next Door is weird,and sooo creepy but really good,Delirium is just beautiful and really got me thinking after, and I have only just started'Lasting Damage'
Have you read any of these books? Recomend any?


  1. That photograph of the lakes is somewhat spooky - in a good way! x

  2. haha yeah it kind of spooked me out as way! espec the way the tree branched out xx

  3. the shredded duck noodles look yum! love your lake photograph too! I really hope you enjoy Dublin xox

  4. Beautiful photos and that food looks so deliciouss :)

    - Sydney xo