Tuesday, 24 January 2012

A New Holy Grail??

So a couple of  weeks I was looking round my local boots for a new daily foundation and saw that Bourjois have a new Healthy Mix Foundation out 'Healthy Mix Serum' which is described as a gel foundation and then I saw that if you bought it you got a free mascara and I will hold my hands up and say some of my all time favourite mascaras are from Bourjois so I grabbed a bottle and off I trotted.

I have been using this every day ever since and i have to say i have finally found my perfect drugstore foundation and one I will be re -purchasing again and again no doubt, at first the slim bottle I thought 'oh thats going to run out soon' but noo I only need a very little amount on the back of my hand and the coverage is amazing, I don't think it is a 'Gel' as such just a normal liquid foundation but gives me coverage like I have not had before, and I guess you could call my skin 'Combination' I have some oily bits and some not so oily so I was wondering how this would be and it is amazing just gives full even coverage all over and doesn't leave my skin feeling dry like some foundations do.

The only downside I don't like which is nothing major but the smell has a very subtle scent of vanilla which at first is a bit odd but as soon as it's on my skin and buffed in no problems. With how easy it is to apply and how little you need I would liken this to a Tinted Moisturiser, but I will be sticking with this from now on.
Oh and the Mascara I chose was the Coup de Theatre which is a false lash effect and it is pretty damn amazing, am i surprised though? NO. Love their Mascara they never ever fail to disappoint.

Do you have the original Healthy Mix? Have you tried this one? What are your thoughts?


  1. Ive been interested to try this as I love the original Healthy Mix but was slighty ut off because they called it a "serum" thinking it might be oily but youve showed its nt s thats great, next on my list to try now! xxx

  2. I wish I had tried the original one as everyone seems 2 love it! No this isn't oily at all hun,a bit more runny than normal foundation but that just makes it all the more easier to blend in xxxx

  3. seen so many good reviews about this foundation! glad it's not an oily foundation as they don't me any good x

  4. No me neither,which is why I like this one so much xx

  5. I have the healthy mix and have liked it, now i want t o try this too!

  6. Yes. I LOVE this foundation. I bought this foundation and a Chanel one and the Bourjois is the one I automatically reach for. Love love love it.