Wednesday, 20 June 2012

My Two Fave Skin Care Products ( Origins & Kiehls)

Recently I have been having a clear out of all my old skin care products which I either didn't use anymore or felt weren't right for me, and was on the look out for some new products too try and two brands I have fallen in Love with are Origins and Kiehls and especially these two products.....

Origins Ginger Souffle Whipped Body Cream-  When I was in Boots the other week I stopped by the Origins counter to pick up some more of their Make A Difference hand cream which both my Mum and I swear by and whilst I was there I explained to the lovely lady that my skin was quite dry at the min and she pulled out this tub and said it was like applying silk to my skin and would really help to hydrate it, So I picked up a tub of this and the first thing I have to say is OH MY GOD the smell is bloody amazing I wouldn't say it was ginger scent I'd say more citrus fresh scent and it's incredible, I think this tub will last a long time as you only need a tiny amount and it goes a long one, it applies like a dream, absorbs into the skin so quick and leaves my skin feeling and smelling out of this world.
Will I repurchase?? Oh yes time and time again. You can buy this from the Origins in Boots, or anywhere which stocks Origins for £20 for 200ml which personally for what it is I think is very good.

Kiehls Creme De Corps ' Soy Milk and Honey Body Cream'-  I want to EAT/DRINK this stuff oh dear lord the smell is like being on holiday and drinking a pina colada it just has that amazing holiday smell and If I could I would sit here and just smell it all day and night aaaahhh. I picked this up in House Of Fraser on Saturday as I had heard such good things about it and although it basically the same as origins I feel this will help my dry patches more it looks really thick and creamy but when you touch it , it is so light and fluffy which is amazing as it absorbs so well in to my skin and I can already tell a difference since using this. My skin just feels so much healthier, I will be getting this again, it retails for £36 but again this is going to last for ages so will be well worth the money.

What skin care products are you liking at the min?

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

May Faves

MAC Blush Pink Swoon. & Dainty

I've had both of these for a while now and wore them non stop for ages when first got them, and then for a few months they've just been sitting there not being used, but with the beautiful hot weather we've had recently I don't like too wear too much make up in hot weather so these blushes are fantastic for just adding a hint of colour to ya cheeks and with Pink Swoon  you can easily build it up if you want more colour, and Dainty is beautiful as got such a lovely hint of shimmer in it. I've been wearing these a lot over the past month or so.


This month I have gone a bit mad on buying Essie polishes now that they are available in Boots, and also been loving Neon shades on my nails and when I was in my local Sallys I came across a brand Nina Salon Pro and they are bloody amazing dry quick,only need 2 coats and so shiny once dried love them. My most worn Nail polishes this month have been Essie Cute As A Button,Essie Tart Deco,Nina Salon Pro 'Like Butta' and China Glaze 'Pink Voltage'

 Foundation & Primer

A few weeks ago I was in my local House Of Fraser and walked past the Benefit counter and thought I would get myself matched for their new foundation and I'm Ivory...Believe in me' and as soon as the MUA matched me I knew I had to get a bottle and at £24.50 it is a bit on the steep side but it is amazing the main thing I love is that has spf25 so I don't wear it at night or if I know I'll be having my photo taken, it applies like a dream and is nice and light but gives such a good coverage, and I've been pairing it with my L'OREAL Lumi Magique Base which is described as a pure light primer which leaves ya skin looking radiant and glowy which looks so nice with the foundation over the top, they say you can also just use it as a highlighter on it's own as well but I'm yet to do that as I'm so in love with my MAC Soft and Gentle.

What did you include in May Faves? Leave me ya links if you have done one as I love having a nosey