Thursday, 10 January 2013

Essie 'Leading Lady '

When the Essie Winter 2012 Collection  came out just before Christmas there were two shades I had to get my hat my mitts on one being Butler Please which I managed to get very easily and the second being Leading Lady which proved harder than I thought and I didn't manage to get it before Christmas, then on Christmas Day in my stocking was a Mini Essie set which contained  Leading Lady yaaaay.

Can we first just stop and admire how beautiful this polish is OH MY GOD I have never had a nail polish like this before so was so happy for it to be added to my collection and put it on my nails Christmas Morning,I admit it took 3 coats to get it looking all nice and even but once I had a top coat on,look how shiny and glossy it is? Such a stunning finish which I love. Even my mum loves it and she is very plain when it comes to her nail polish.

Essie describe this as a supreme deep red with glitter but to be honest that doesn't even do this polish any justice, it is without my favourite polish in any winter collection, the glitter particles look amazing and not all chunky and un even, it's a very smooth polish, and unlike some polishes which have glitter in then it's a dream to remove and I had it on for 5 days before any signs of chipping appeared. I love it so much I had to rush out and buy myself a full sized bottle.

Did you try any from their winter collection? Do you own this polish? Thoughts?


  1. Oh my gosh I LOVE this colour! It's not usually my taste but my golly it looks beautiful on!! xx

  2. Im the same honey, I never ever normally would of gone for this kind of shade but it soo pretty xxxx

  3. Oh no! This is exactly what I was afraid of! I've been putting off buying this for so long as I really don't need it and clicked on your post hoping I'd think it looked terrible and it would put me off buying it but it's so beautiful :')


  4. Oooops Sorry Lucy haha! So pretty tho isnt it? Couldnt believe it when I applied it and saw how pretty it was xxxx

  5. Beautiful shade

  6. What a gorgeous colour! Btw, just want to let you know that the blog you are following that was previously owned by myself is now dormant but you can find me on my new blog; The Science of Happy. It already has 29 posts up so far so lots to read already and I've got a new feature up where you get to be nosey and see what other followers have in their bags!

    - TSOH

  7. The leading lady really just reminds me of red ruby slippers. I am not a huge fan of having to put on so many numerous coats of polish but the end result is gorgeous. I really love it.

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  8. I have it and like it very much. The picture showing how lively the sparkles are doesn't exist, nowhere! It's so hard to take a proper photo of the beauty :)