Friday, 10 December 2010

Avon Haul

So recently since we have moved in2 our new house i have started using Avon again, which i havnt done for a very long time and last night i got my first order through with the stuff i wanted yipee and was very excited by the large box which arrived, and here are the contents -:

The Box and the contents

Avon SuperShock Gel EyeLiner - The thing is i have been looking for ages for an amazin eyeliner pencil which is soo soft it just glides on my eye, and from the description this was the one, as soon as i got it i tried it and Yipeee its the one i can now do my upper eyelids without it clumping up etc, How odd that i spend lots on brand named eyeliners and it turns out Avons £3.50 is the one!!

Planet Spa Facial Masks - I love taking good care of my skin especially my face,i hate getting spots or my skin looking dry or patchy so i swear by face masks or packs to give your skin that much needed boost once in a while, and i saw these and thought OMG they are sooo cute, a pack of mini ones all diff kinds, you get 4 Mediterranean Olive Oil Hydrating Face Mask which is a clear one so you dont look silly ha, and leave it on for 20 mins and then rinse of in warm water and straight away i could feel the difference my skin is unbelievably soft i love it! The other ones you get in a pack are Japanese Sake and Rice Smoothing Face Mask which smells gorge yet to try it tho! And the last one is Deep Sea Mineral Mud Face Mask.

Winter Magic Shower Gel and Imagine Shower Creme - Love havin nice long showers in the dark horrible mornings and now its christmas time i love the spice kinda smell assoicated with christmas and these shower gels remind me of it, Love them i alwasy get the same ones around christmas time.

Fergie 'Outragous' Body Spray - I had read that Fergie was bringing out her own perfume just like every other celebrity and very nearly went rushing out to buy it, then saw in avon they done the body spray, so thought i would get that first which im glad i did, I like it but no way i would wear it as perfume it just right as a body spray but never a perfume

The Meanings Of Dreams Book Been wanting to get one of these books for a while now, I don'y know if i believe in what they say or anything but just very curious about them as sometimes i have the same dream maybe twice a week or something

Hope ya all keeping well! And gettin ready for Christmas! Any1 got their tree up yet? xx


  1. I got the supershock liner in my latest avon order as well, its soooo good and creamy, my new go to eyeliner :) x

  2. I haven't ordered any avon in a while but I'm going to have to reconsider that.

  3. It's amazing isn't it, i couldn't believe how smooth and creamy it was! Defo be gettin it again! Hope ur both well xx