Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Christmas Spirit !

Hey everyone

How are you all? Sorry i been a bit slack with my posts recently but been so busy at work,and getting ready for Christmas and the weather has been unbelievable bad! For the last 2 weeks it has been snowing on and off and tempuratures have been on average -9 so now all the snow has turned to nice thick ice! How lovely :/

I am now off work so want to get rest of my Christmas shopping done, at the weekend me and Nathan went shopping to get his and my parents Christmas presents and town was heaving SO busy we spent most of the time in queues was so glad when we had finished!
But now we still got to get each other our presents and neither of us has a clue what we want, think I'm gonna ask for some clothes,make up,perfume, yanno the normal stuff!

What have you all asked for, for Christmas?
Are you all ready for it?
Here some pictures of the snow over the weekend :

Middle of a Heavy Snow Storm

Back Door Step Leading to Patio Area Of Our Garden

Inside Of My Car Windscreen thick ice even after 15 Min's of DE-icing

Anyways if i don't get time to blog before Christmas as we off to Kent to me Mum And Dads for Christmas then :

I wish you all a very very Happy Christmas!
Hope you all have an amazing one, and an incredible 2011

Lots Of Love


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