Monday, 23 July 2012

Top 5 Blushes

So along with Nail polishes another of my obsessions is Blushes I can't seem to go into a store without buying a couple it's kind of like the Magpie to Diamonds effect so I thought I would do a post on my Top 5/ Most used blushes which turned out to be a lot harder than I thought so here they are -

Top SugarBomb,Pink Swoon. Bottom Dainty,Well Dressed Coralista

Dainty,Sugarbomb,pink swoon,coralista,well dressed

1- Benefit Sugarbomb-  I think this could well be my all time fave blush, I use this on a daily basis when I'm going for just an everyday look and minimal makeup it has 4 beautiful shades and when blended together is just stunning and I think would suit any skin tone, and SO happy I hit pan on it as means one step closer to buying a new one.

2- Mac Well Dressed- This was one of my first Mac blushes I picked up I think and it's been in the wars as you can see with all the scratches in it :( but I love this, it is a satin blush so the pigmentation is not the best but if you are looking for just a hint of colour to ya cheeks then this is perfect.

3-Mac Dainty- Is my fave mineralize blush from Mac I think, the pigmentation is incredible so a little goes a long way, I prefer this on nights out as it has a nice amount of shimmer in it which personally I think would be a bit too much for a daytime look but I adore this blush and is just a stunning shade.

4- Benefit Coralista- Another blush I am head over heels in love with, I have repurchased this twice now, as at one stage this was the only blush I wore, it's the most perfect Coral shade which is perfect for the summer months and is definitely a blush I will always have in my collection, to me it's a stable.

5- Mac Pink Swoon - This is a sheer tone blush so the pigmentation is not the best which I actually like for this blush anyway as it's quite a vibrant pink So i like the face that you only need a tiny amount for a lovely flushed look on the cheeks or if you want to wear it on a night out then of course it's easy to build up for more colour.

I apply my blushes using my Real Techniques Blush Brush which is pretty amazing.

What are you're fave blushes? Any you swear by? Let me know.



  1. I loooove MAC well dressed as well! :-)

  2. I loooove all Benefit blushers, coralista is one of my favs too! xx

  3. Benefit blushes must be really good if you're going through them! I haven't heard much about Sugarbomb but if you've hit pan, that's always a good sign that it's a great product! xx

  4. They very good! highly recomend them xxxx