Sunday, 15 July 2012

Week In Pictures

Espresso Martini//Baked Avocado with baby Scallops//Chilli Prawn Pasta

Chilli and Garlic Tiger Prawn// Cocktails// Gusto

Absolute Passion Cocktail// A girls best friend on nights out// Notd China Glaze 'Pink Voltage'

Shooters//Origins skincare - LOVE//Love these

So this past week both me and Nath had the week off and there seems to be a running theme here, we spent the week going to Gusto in Knutsford for an amazing lunch and cocktails was one the best meals had in a long time, doing some shopping, spending way to much in american sweet shop haha, and then Saturday night was spent drinking cocktails and having a nice time out together :)

And then tonight is just a chilled out evening going to order an Indian takeaway and catch up on reality tv shows, before it bk to work tomorrow :(. Hope you have all had a good week/end, what been upto?



  1. i like this post, it looks like you guys had fun! :) X

  2. :) Thanks hun yeah we did xx