Wednesday, 28 March 2012

'Spring Nails'- Revlon 'Guava'

In Daylight

In Daylight

With Flash

Recently I have really liked the Revlon Top Speed Nail varnishes, It all came about as good Old Boots has their 3 for 2 offers on and I had heard some good things about the Revlon Top Speed Polishes I have to say they have lived up to their hype and I love them, they are fast becoming my favourite drugstore brand of polishes. When I got some on the 3 for2 I picked up 'Guava' 'Cupid'and 'Poppy'

The shade I'm wearing in these pictures is 'Guava' which is a stunning coral/peachy shade and so pretty for the Spring/Summer months, I used 2 coats which applied like a dream and obviously the name gives it away but they dry very quick, me being me I did manage to have an itch and smudge a nail whilst it was still a little wet though!

I love this shade really do think it is a pretty colour and will look amazing with a tan when on holiday.
You can buy these in Boots and they retail for £6.49 in Boots and at the minute they have their 3 for 2 offers on, YAY!

What Nail polishes are you liking at the min? Have you tried the Revlon Top Speed ones?



  1. So pretty, especially under flash where you can see the slightly berry tones to the hot pink. I have the Top Speed colour in Peachy which is a great vibrant but still quite pastel orange :)

  2. All the Top coat ones are nice aren't they xx