Thursday, 12 April 2012

Fave Soap & Glory Products

The Greatest Scrub Of all-

What S&G say- Contains a blend of super gentle silicami particles and salicylic acid-loaded scrub beads, so the more you scrub, the more you smooth. Like a DIY microdermabrasion. It’s a scrub formulated to leave even the most exhausted face looking FRESH

What I say- I decided to get this when there was a 3 for 2 offer on in Boots and couldn't decide what else I wanted to get, Now I am SO glad I did get this as it is amazing, I have been using it for past 2 or 3 weeks and my skin is so much smoother and soft,and I have not had a break out of spots since I have included this in my skin care routine.

Pulp Friction

What S&G say- Get fresher, smoother and softer skin with fig powder, pumice, peppermint oil, lemonade tree liquid, orange waterjuice™ and vitaminballs™ (A,C,E). Scented with our new Fruitigo™ fragrance.

What I say- Firstly this is like nothing I have ever used before as it is a Scrub but also it foams up which is amazing, the smell is just like Butter Yourself so a nice holiday smell which I love and this scrub is amazing it really helps my skin and especially use it on my knees where can be prone to dry patches and it really works well.
Butter Yourself

What S&G say - Fruity body moisturiser containing exfoliating AHAs, orange waterjuice™, shea butter, peppermint oil & fruitliquid fig. Scented with our new Fruitigo™ fragrance.

What I say- I love this product so much and I'm already on my 4th tub of this, I used to love the Righteous Butter and of course it is still nice but oh my god this Butter Yourself is beyond amazing the smell just reminds me of being on holiday and lingers on my skin longer love it

Peaches And Clean

What S&G say- Our special clogged T-zone formula Includes peach extract (with skin smoothing fruit acids), quillaja bark (a gentle natural ‘soap’), jojoba oil (an emollient skin softener), Detoxyboost™ technology (to help purify and deep clean) and Poreshrink R2™ (for a clearer, fresher, brighter complexion). In our opinion it’s the best cleansing milk on the market!

What I say - OMG this is a complete LOVE affair, I had so many good reviews about this and was thinking ' will it live up to the hype?' well it has and more, firstly if you love peaches you will adore the smell it just smells like a peach yoghurt and it works wonders for my skin,I use a couple of small pumps and rub it on all over my face whilst I still have my make up on leave it for a couple of minutes and then wash it off and all my make up comes off with it,Just amazing and leaves my skin feeling so good.

Scrub 'EM And Leave EM'-

What S&G say- With babassu oil, sea salt and moisturising jojoba and mandarin oils. Scented with our Mist You Madly™ fragrance.

What I say- ahhhh the smell is the first thing I have to mention is as it is out of this world, I could just sit there and smell this all day long :). This is without doubt one of my favourite body exfoliators and couldn't do with out it.

Have you tried any of these S&G products? What S&G products do you like?



  1. I love the Butter Yourself too, I got it last year before I went on holiday and used it all up, smells amazing!
    I'm gonna go buy that Peaches and Clean tomorrow though, heard nothing but good things about it :)
    Hope you'r doing ok lovely :)

  2. It is really nice hun :) reminds me so much of a peach yoghurt. xxxx I'm doing ok thanks lovely staying strong xx xx

  3. Gorgeous love it! I adore soap and glory anyway!


  4. :) Thanks. S&G are fab aren't they xx