Thursday, 26 April 2012

Favourite Make up Brushes

L-R Buffing Brush,Stippling Brush,Contour Brush

Real Techniques are fast becoming my favourite brand of make up brushes they tick all the boxes, affordable,practical,and easy to use, plus they are SO soft, I seem to spend ages just brushing them against my cheeks when I first get them :).

Stippling Brush -

This brush can be used for foundation,blush,cream blush etc, and at the moment I use this for my foundation and straight away I could tell a difference it gives that airbrushed finish and really blends and buffs the foundation into my skin quickly as well, so saves so much time in the morning. I honestly don't know how I coped without this brush before. It really is a god send.

Buffing Brush-

Again this brush can be used for either foundation or blush etc, and so people prefer to use this for their foundation but for me personally I adore this brush for my blush I find it really blends my blush in to my cheekbones and gives  a nice blended flawless finish rather than that annoying clown look which can sometimes happen haha :/ it really picks up a lot of product as well so you don't need to swirl around too many times to get the amount of blush you are looking for.

Contour Brush

There not much I can say about this brush really,it speaks for itself and does it's job better than any other brushes I have used before for contouring and is quite simply amazing! I believe everyone should own this in their make up brush collection.

What make up brushes are you loving and reaching for at the moment?



  1. I bought my first real techniques brush the other day and i love it! planning on doing a review soon

  2. Obsessed with my stippling brush. Really hope they decide to sell the buffing brush seperate as I don't want to buy the core collection xx

    1. I think i'd heard they are going to do it on it's own at some point. Love the stippling brush so much xx