Monday, 15 October 2012

In My Bag.....................

I was recently looking for a new handbag something big enough to chuck all my stuff in and something that will withstand the test of time especially with the travelling back down to Kent I do, took me ages to decide but finally I got the Fiorelli Lucy Evelyne Medium Hobo Bag and I have to say it is love at first sight I mean just look how lovely it is. I purchased it in our local Fiorelli store for £55 which personally I think is pretty good plus I know I will get loads of use out of it, you can also purchase it online here
So I then decided now was the time to do the ' Whats In My Bag' post......

 Loving the buckle detailing on the strap

The Stranger~ I always have to have a book in my bag, as being such a book worm you never know when you have spare half hour or so to have a read, I've had this book for few months now and just started it.

Finsbury Filofax~ Now this is an essential to me, I've had a Filofax ever since I was a teenager, I used to have a pink one but then decided to get a plain black one. I feel so much more organised when I have it on me hence the pen in my bag as well.

Nivea Milk & Honey Lip Balm ~ Always handy and a bag essential especially during the winter, chewing gum a must have .

L'Occatine Date Bouqet Hand Cream~ I love their hand creams and this scent is amazing,works wonders on my hands especially when they get dry in this bitter cold weather.

Butter London 'Toff'~ For some reason I always have a nail polish or 4 in my bag at one point, I try not to have too many ha so now I just carry around one and this is one I'm loving at the moment it is the most perfect shade for Autumn and seriously the quality of Butter London is amazing, on the Nail theme I always make sure i keep my Stylfile in my bag when I'm out and about as my nails have a tendency to snap in the most annoying places.

Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Intensive Moisturizer For Face~  I have recently found that with travelling on a train for 3 hours down to Kent over ten times in a short space of time was playing havoc on my skin and really drying it out, so now I make sure I get an early train wear no make up and whack this on my face and neck and wow I have been so impressed it leaves my skin so hydrated and smooth afterwards.

DKNY Be Delicious Perfume~ This is my 30ml bottle which is literally my day to day go to perfume it's so fresh I love it and nice and light.

YSL Shocking Mascara~  I always always carry a mascara around with me, just applying a coat of mascara can give you that real pick me up and plus works wonders if feeling tired and want to look more awake, and this is without doubt the best mascara I have ever owned,I just don't like the price tag of it.

Dior Ultra Gloss 'Rose Trench'~ I recently purchased this lip gloss and it's just beautiful, the same way with mascara when I step of a train or plane and just want to quickly apply a little make up I just whack some lip gloss and mascara on and I'm all set.

And then Of course a purse :) I use this little one for during the week as it takes up less room during the week. The purse I use mainly is my Suzy Smith Draycott which I just love and you can purchase them here

What handbag do you use and carry around with you? Have you done this post before? Leave me your links. 



  1. I love your new bag, your like me with the book, always travel with one in there, as you never know! Also you are REALLY convincing me to go and buy that mascara regardless of the price tag, this is NOT good! :P haha is it really great!? like giving you a fuller, longer lash type thing?! and i also carry around a filofax type journal with me, all my blogging ideas and inspirations as well as day to day dates and meetings go in there, etc! :)
    great post.. i did one but its on youtube, and i now have a new bag, so i duno weather to do an up to date one! :( X

  2. Thank you honey :) Yeah always have to have me book and filofax on me at all times, couldn't survive with out them.
    Oh cool will check ya youtube one out then :) love posts/videos like these.
    ooops :/ sowwie! but oh my gosh the volume it gives is amazing so so good love it. I'll bbm u before and after pictures if you want so you can see??xxxxxxxx