Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Two New Loves..........

 Recently when I was on a mad shopping spree a couple of things I picked up on a whim as such were the Elizabeth Arden Pure Finish Bronzer In Soft Radiance and Daniel Sandler Retexturizing Face Primer. I had asked  on twitter if anybody had used the primer and Daniel tweeted me himself and RT my tweet so I got a LOT of feedback and every single person said the same ... It's amazing,the best I've ever used' So I was very excited to purchase it.......

Elizabeth Arden Pure Finish Bronzer In Soft Radiance


Now I will be the first to admit I am not a bronzer kind of gal never have been, give me a good highlighter any old day.... that was until I cam across this stunning package and was swatching like mad in store and before I had time to doubt myself I was walking away a bronzer lover :) I think what I love most about this other than the stunning packaging which feels SO luxurious is the fact as the name suggests Soft Radiance it is a very light bronzer which buffs so well in to my skin and doesn't look orange or anything like that, I use my Real Techinques Bronzing brush and it applies like a dream for some one who was never really bothered about bronzer I now wearing this every day :). It cost  £25  personally I think it is well worth the money and You can purchase it here

Daniel Sandler Retexturizing Face Primer

I love a good primer always have done and for a loong time Benefit Professional was my holy grail I didn't think anything would ever beat it,well it has. This primer by Daniel Sandler is out of this world as soon as i squeezed a little amount on to my fingers and started applying it over my face I kid you not it feels like velvet!!! seriously it left my skin feeling silky smooth and filled in any pores I may of had and just gave me an amazing canvas to apply my foundation to. When I did start applying my foundation I found it took less than half the time it normally did and stays on so much longer than if I was using my Porefessional as well. It is safe to say I won't be buying another primer again other than stocking up on this. Just incredible. It retails for £20.50 and you get 28g in the tube and can be purchased here

So they are two of my new loves at the moment. Have you tried any of these before?
What are you loving?


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