Saturday, 11 June 2011

Cocktails,Afternoon Tea and Surprises

So this week has been very random to sum it up been busy at work, getting stuff ready for our trip over to
Blackpool tomorrow, catching up with friends over afternoon tea and cakes and a last minute trip to the safari park. Have you all had a good week? Been upto much?

Raspberry Bellini- Went for a couple of cocktails after work with friends and these are soooo nice :). Tried making them at home but is never the same.
 Afternoon Tea - Went to a cute little farmhouse tea room with family friends not seen in ages for tea and cake and a good old catch up which was so nice, so lovely how you may not see some people for a while but as soon as you are together again it like you have never been apart.
Afterwards- I got Rosamund Lupton's first book Sister which I thought was pretty amazing and then I saw this her second book and just had to snap it up, have not started it yet but it sounds amazing and I'm now rushing through my book I'm reading at the min so I can start it.
Pandora- I got home from work on Thursday and Nath was working away but on my side of the bed was a Pandora bag Yaaay and inside was this lovely Pandora bracelet and heart charm which Nath had bought me as a surprise :) such a lovely thoughtful boyfriend.
Safari Park- Today we ended up taking our friends daughter to Knowsley Safari Park which was an experience especially when we drove through the monkeys and they nearly ripped our windscreen wipers off lol but a good day all in all.

Tonight is a quiet night finishing our packing and having a Thai meal takeaway, Then we off to Blackpool tomorrow with my Mum till friday to see friends etc. Hope you are all having an amazing weekend and have a good week.



  1. I'm still in the middle of reading 'Sister' and I love it so I'm definitely going to get 'Afterwards'

  2. Oooh that little tea room looks so cute. And awwwww how sweet is your man xx

  3. Was soo nice Sam. Aw thanks yeah he is really sweet :) Hope you are having nice weekend xx

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