Thursday, 30 June 2011

Problems With Glossybox

So I have only recieved my June Glossybox today and there is a long story behind it which left me fuming!! I was away for wedding in blackpool from the 12th june till the 17th and when I got home I had an email dated the 12th saying payment coming out in 2 days time so I thought fine and made sure I kept £10 in my bank for it, then 2 days later I had an email along with 20 other people saying on 2 occasions we tried to take the money but could not which there and then I knew was a blatent lie as the £10 was still sitting in my account they then went onto say we have now cancelled ur account with us, So I sent email back saying how angry I was with this and if they had tried 2 times why did they not email after the first time? I then went into my local branch bank and asked them and they said no company had attempted tot ake any money from my bank, so by now BLOOD BOILING i send another emailing demanding to know what is going on, they then send another one back saying there was some mistake and too many orders and they had done an error so basically what they mean is they blame me and the other people and cancel our accounts when it their fault so I phoned up and had a right go and they said they would send me out a free box by now I just thought yeah whatever, anyway a week later it arrives and heres what was in it

+ OPI's New Designer Series.
+ Batiste Dry Shampoo
Then every got something different for their 5th product and I got the
+ Margaret Dabbs (Intensive Hydrating Foot Lotion)

So all in all ok I guess, the perfume I would never wear smells like something my Nan would wear, already got the OPI shade, I LOVE the Margaret Dabbs foot lotion smells gorgeus and love soaking my feet then painting my nails ready for summer and it is a huge bottle 200ml, Batiste i adore always  use them but Glossybox you advertise as HIGH END samples? Batiste is no where near high end as you can get for around £2.99 in Boots or Superdrug.
And then they say they will be adding £2.95 delivery charges from September sorry but that is laughable and they should of stated that from the get go, Birchbox in America treat their custamors better than this and have been going a lot longer! For a new company they are doing everything in their power to piss people off and it is working bigtime, If you have a complaint or anything it takes them at least 3 days to get back to you which is just bad manners, everyone knows with a new company you should be doing all you can to get people to like you.

I am not bothering taking pictures as I am sure you have already seen them, I may do a review on the Foot Lotion though as it is amazing.

Has anyone else had problems with them? Would love to hear


  1. i think i will be cancelling my glossybox sub, going to wait on the july box and if its the same disaster mess as this month then i am cancelling, i agree its really bad customer service

    shel xx

  2. Have u had any probs with them hun? Has been bad hasnt it xxxx

  3. Gah it's a shame there's been so many problems with it. They aren't doing their reparations any good if their customer service is that poor x

  4. Good to know at last you were happy with some thing,not the one you wanted but some thing you licked as if Diamond Engagement Ring BY ME AND ALL.