Sunday, 21 August 2011

Sunday Summary

001//Been Loving this Ciate Nail Paint Pot in Wait Till It's Dark, just a real nice deep Shimmery Purple shade and doesn't chip easily either which I love 003 A quick picture of it, apoligies for the messiness was v slap handed with it lol in a rush.
002//This weekend I realised had so many books lying around which havn't read yet so decided on which ones I wanted to read soon, at the min I am half way through The People Next Door, although it's really creeping me out.
004// Am obsessed with these Mrs Crumbles cheese bites so bloody nice and moreish.
005//006//007// Had friends over for drinks and Xfactor last night, I had said was not going to watch this year, but decided to give it a go and have to say am really liking the new panel especially Tulisa seems lovely but fiesty too which is never a bad thing. These Kooperburg ciders are amazing love them especially the Strawberry & Lime,the Crushed Berries Bulmer ones were alright but not as good as the others.

Hope you've all had a good weekend
Any1 recomend any good books?


  1. I like the new series of the x factor too, I think it's nice to add a bit of variety to it this year. I think it was getting a bit boring last series! xxx

  2. I got that polish too, I haven't worn it yet though! In fact, I don't even know where I've put it!?
    I'm enjoying X Factor too, Tulisa is great :)

  3. omg Sophie funny you should say that,after I done this post I now can't find it haha xx
    Yeah Amy was gettin real boring, and the judges seem to have good bond between them all xx

  4. Strawberry and lime koppaberg goes down WAYYYY too easily! mega yumz! xxx

  5. Omg hannah it soooo nice :) could just drink it by the bucket load haha xxxxx

  6. Strawberry and Lime Kopparberg is my favourite, soo nice ^_^ I love that nail varnish too, perfect for when it gets abit nippy out :)
    still haven't tried any Ciate colours yet


  7. nice photos :) i really like the nailpolish. cool blog!

    check out my blog, please xx

  8. Thanks jessica, such nice drink isn't it. It was free with marie claire mag 2 diff shades, still out at the min xx

  9. although it is an extremely long book, I have been reading, and im almost finished(!) with How To Make Love Like A Pornstar. its Jenna Jameson's autobiography. as i know you are a huge book buff, you have probably read 5 People You Meet In Heaven. if you haven't- you need to! great love story- slow at the start but the ending is so surprising & just awesome. i actually cried out loud!

    but my absolute FAVORITE book is b James Frey and it's called My Friend Leonard - it's a sequel to A Million Little Pieces, which I have yet to read, but it is on my list

  10. OMG I love James Frey and have read Million Little Pieces and My Friend Leonard BUT have not read the other 2 thanks very much will defo be having a look at them xxxx

  11. i have the ciate polish too but havent tried it yet :)