Thursday, 4 August 2011

Just Planking Around

So whilst this weather of ours has been  makng it mind up what to do this week I have had a couple of days off so I decided to go and see my aunt at her cottage and chill in the hammock reading book and drinking wine untill I was up ended by my cousin ha,and spent some ncie timjust chilling in the fields by her cottage and took couple pictures of the sun shining through the trees as looked so pretty.Also been wearing my Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure in Fairy Teal which I love .

 I love living in a big city but I think deep down I am a country girl at heart being in the countryside drinking wine and sunbathing going for long walks really does make me so happy. And then Last night I went for a few drinks with friends which then ended up in a stop off at Dominos where Sammy thought it would be a good idea to do a spot of Planking haha was so funny and thank god no-one else was around as god knows what they would of thought. Apart from that been a pretty quiet week and very busy at work, thank god the weekend is upon us.

Hope you've all had a good week.



  1. Aw thanks Cherry! xxx
    Haha did make me giggle Rachael xxx

  2. aww I LOVE the 3rd pic! Nice photography

    Urban art + street fashion addict: