Friday, 5 August 2011

Let's Get Organised

Bleu Asphaite,Ivory Rose,Cloudy Grey,Taupe Couture

Top Row-Austin-tatious Turquoise,Fairy Teal,Purple Rose
Bottom Row-Hot Salsa,Shorts Story,Flamingo Pink,Yellow Kitty,Jaune Trendy

So I have been sorting out some storage and putting away loads of make up which I don't use much and organising all the things I use ofte, So I started on my Nail varnishs which I have way too many off So I placed all the ones in a draw which I don't use often and the ones I am using a lot I have stored in a metal tray and put on my shelf and this is the outcome the ones I am using more of recently are all the nude shades and then the brighter shades for summer well if we ever get a proper one it seems we have a week of boiling weather then a week of shitty horrible weather.

My faves atm out of these have to be the Maybelline in Taupe Couture which is a lovely dark brown shade which is so glossy and dries super quick, I have been wearing that this week with Cloudy Grey on my ring finger.Then for more brighter shades I love my Sally Hansen Yellow Kitty which is the most beautiful pastal yellow and been searching for a shade like this for ages, and also I love my Maybelline Hot Salsa I have enver really been a lover of reds as find them kinda dull I guess but this is a cross between a vibrant red and a pink Love it.

All my other varnishs are stored in containers in my make up cabinet, I had them all over my shelfs but was getting so messy and really doing my head in, So decided to store them like this.

Do you have specific ways on how you store your varnishs? What are your favourite shades at the minute?


  1. I love the Maybelline Forever Strong Pro nail polishes!

  2. yeah me 2 they are sooo good

  3. Mine are thrown into an old gift box, I try and keep them organised but it never lasts and then there's always the odd bottle by my bed randomly. Been loving pastel colours but have gone back onto my Barry M instant nail effects for another spin!

  4. can never go wrong with good ol barry m can ya xx

  5. love that little tray its so pretty

    shel xx

  6. you have a lovely collection! i'm a big nail polish fan too, great storage idea! xx

  7. Arr thank u very much jodi xx