Friday, 7 October 2011

Fave Nail Polishes For Autumn

For Autumn/Winter I always tend to go for dark warm shades and  lot of nudes/neutrals and thought I'd share some of my fave at the moment.

China Glaze TrendSetter-  I had seen so many reviews on this and to start with I wasn't too sure about it,but when  saw it in the shop i completely changed my mind it is a beautiful chartreuse green with gold shimmer in it and applys so well get nice full coverage with just one coat but personally I always apply two.

Barry M Duky Mauve-I have said before this is one of my top ten polishes anyway I love the shade a deep brown which is so easy to apply and then got amazing undertones of purple when it hits different lights and just looks amazing.

Maybelline Taupe Couture- I think I love these Polishes as much as Barry M for ya drugstore brands and every time I pop into Boots I have to pick some up, and this is just a gorgeous deep rich Brown which looks so lovely on the nails once dry, also I love these as contain Iron and Calcium so helping my nails out as well.

O.P.I Mermaids Tears- This is just a beautiful sage green and is a pastel formula which sometimes pisses me off as end up streaky and I run out of patience with them but this is amazing and so easy to apply and no streaks which is great.

Maybelline Rosy Sand - Just a beautiful light coffee shade and is part of their Nude selection and I am struggling to find a brand what does nudes as well as Maybelline I have this on my nails at the min and been on for 4 days and No chips which is fantastic.

Maybelline Rose Produre - Another of their nude selection this on is a very light creamy shade with pink undertones and just a pretty neutral shade, a classic I can see myself going back time ad time again to re buy this.

What are your fave shades for Autumn?


  1. Lovely shades!

    I have yet to try Mermaids Tears!

    I have my OPI Vodka and Caviar polish that I'm saving for winter also my Chanel Rouge Noir is a perfect Autumn/Winter shade :)

    I have been wearing No7 Dollar and Nails Inc Caramel a lot recently too xx

  2. thank you. love opi vodka and cavier, and nails inc caramel. will have a look at the others xxx

  3. The china glaze looks really good, I was eyeing it up on the Sallys website, it's so much cheaper to get in the states so I think i'm going to splash out on a load there!

  4. In my sallys up here it is £5.40 xx

  5. I love them all! I really like berry shades for the autumn, tend to stay away from the brights!

  6. Thanks Sophie. Yeah tend to go for the darker colours and stay away from the brights xxx