Thursday, 27 October 2011

O.P.I Muppet Collection

So This week I added to my ever growing Nail varnish collection and got O.P.I's brand new Muppet Collection and I think this is my fave collection they have done this year so many polishes jam packed full of glitter ready for the festive season and parties you may be going to my! My fave is Rainbow Connection which is like confetti in a bottle the most amazing bits of multi coloured glitter and I will be doing a NOTD on that soon.

But the one i'm wearing at the min and I adore for festive time of year is Excuse Moi which is a stunning deep red base which a glitter fest going on inside,what I love most is outside and in daylight all the different bits of glitter look stunning I love it. I know it going to be a nightmare to remove but now I just use the foil way and find it so much easier and simplier to do. Also am so excited for the Models Own Beetle Juice collection, and China Glaze winter collection can not wait and Of course Essie Fall I already have and adore.
What collections are you loving ?


  1. Out of all the colours from the Muppet Collection, I really want Excuse Moi! It looks awesome

  2. The Muppet collection looks so good!

  3. I really want Rainbow Connection - it's on my Christmas list!
    I also can't wait for the Beetlejuice collection either, only 4 days to go :D

  4. yaaay am excited Sophie :) Rainbow Connections is amazing isnt it xx

  5. I need to go to my local beauty supply and check out the line before its gone. Love the glitter.

  6. yeh or can check online hun have them xx