Monday, 17 October 2011

Whats In My Bag (Updated)

At the moment I am using a big slouchy black bag with a sequin effect which I got from Next back in June and I wasn't too sure on it at first but now I love it, it so big inside that got loads of room to carry everything I need around in it without feeling that it is going to burst at any second, and I like the hoop detailing on the straps. I normally carry so much stuff around and my bags are always so heavy but right now I'm not and must say feels really weird having a nice light bag on my shoulders.

L'Occtine Limited Edition Hand Cream 'Hibiscus Flower' - I got this is in this months Marie Claire magazine and I love it, L'Occtine's hand creams in my eyes are the best anyway but this 'Hibicus Flower' scent is by far my favourite and will defo be snapping it up again before it stops as is Limited Edition.

Maybelline Salon Manicure Top Coat- Always carry a bottle of this around in my bag so handy and never know when it is going to come in useful,out of all the top coats there are out there this is by far the one I  like the most.

Burt's Bees Lip Balm Stick - My all time favourite lip balm, so minty and refreshing in the winter I get such dry and cracked lips, doesn't help that I tend to lick them a lot in the winter which mum always moans at me about and I really should listen to her ha! So i tend to use this and also the Anatomicals Stop Cracking Up which is amazing.

Soap And Glory 'Hand Maid' Gel- I am such a germ Phobe I always have to have a hand sanitiser in my bag but some of them smell so disgusting which is why I now stick with the S&G one, does the job and smells sooo good. I always buy two or three of these at once

Maybelline Forever Strong ' Rosy Sand'- Is the polish I have been wearing recently so been carrying it around in my bag if needed to touch it up but with the top coat it has not chipped once yet and i've been wearing it for 5 days.

Revlon Super Lustrious in Pink Pout- This has been my favourite lipstick for the last month or so, such a lovely pale pink shade and so moisturising love it
Johnson's Face Care Daily Essentials- I carry this little gem with me where ever I go, In the colder months I always find my skin is a lot dryer so I use thes on my face and neck and instantly makes my skin feels so much better.

Don't Let Me Go By Catherine Ryan Hyde - Finally finished 'Lasting Damage' by Sophie Hannah which was such a good book took me a while to get in to but once I had I could not put it down and had so many twists in it. Now started this one and already on chapter 10 think it gonna be a good one..

Maybelline Colour Sensational in Tender Rose - Always carry a lipstain around in my bag just to give my lips a hint of more colour when I don't feel like wearing lip gloss or lipstick and I love these got such a nice smell to them.

Hope you all had a lovely weekend


  1. Lovely handbag! I love these type of posts, I've been meaning to do one on my blog but I need to sort my handbag out first it's such a mess! :P


  2. thank you, aww so is mine! so much stuff in there lol xx