Friday, 14 October 2011

Fave Nail Polishes Of 2011 (So Far)

So I was sorting through my nail polishes and decided I was only going to have on show my polishes I use the most otherwise there would be a nail polish overload in our bedroom so I got my little wire rack and then just a box from Glossybox and decided the ones I use the most I would put in them and all my other ones would go away in my little cabinet under my window and then I can change them around if I need to so I thought I would do a post on the polishes I have been loving the most this year at the min and what I wear/wore the most.

In the glossy box box I have all my Maybelline ones which I love,Barry M,Bourjois,some mini O.P.I's,Revlon,couple of 17, some top coats and Base Coats, Andrea Fulerton Nail duos which i love and found because of FleurDeForce,a couple of Avon matte ones which I like and some Rimmel.
Then in my wire rack I have my most used O.P.I's,China Glaze's,Essie,Nails Inc and Sally Hansen complete salon Manicure .

Essie-My most used this year and mainly in summer have been Lilacism,Fondola Gondola & Turqouise &Cacos. I can't pick which would be my favourite as I love them all the same but have to say Lilacism is the most beautiful lilac shade I have seen in a long time.
NailsInc- Not too many on the Nails Inc front just their Special Effect3D Bloomsbury Square and then their new magnetic polishes and i adore Houses Of Parliment
Sally Hansen- In the summer i loved Yellow Kitty the most perfect yellow shade for summer, then most recently I have been wearing a lot of Gilty Pleasure,Rasin The Bar,  and Thinking Of Blue which is a perfect navy blue I love these polishes as contain a base and top coat in them as well,
O.P.I- I have so many I love but the ones I have loved the most this year are  Short Story, Austin-tatious Turquoise & Dya Think I'm Tex-y a beautiful baby pink shade and a vibrant pink/reddy shade, then a beautiful aqua turquoise perfect for summer days.
China Glaze- From their new Metro collection I adore CG In The City a stunning glitter fest in a purple shade perfect on it's own or as a top coat over something else, and from the same collection Trendsetter have blogged about this a lot recently so won't repeat myself but i bloody love it.
Maybelline- A brand I can never fault and probably one of my favourite brands especially for their nude shades I am yet to find a brand who does them as good! During our so called summer I wore a lot of Orange Couture & Hot Salsa two very bright vibrant colours. And now coming in to Autumn and Winter months i wear  Cloudy Grey,Sable Rose,Rose Poudre, all very neutral shades but so beautiful.

Then I have two random ones which Love and firstly is Mint Green by Barry M  a stunning minty green which i loved in the summer and then  Facets Of Fuchsia Revlon which is new by them and a beautiful purple with all different size glitter bits in it.

What have been your favourites? Always looking for new polishes to try out.


  1. Wow that's an impressive collection!! I love my Models Own and just recently purchased my first China Glaze varnishes which I can't wait to try x

  2. ooh wat china glaze polishes did u get?xxx