Sunday, 31 July 2011

July Favourites

Obsessed with this band and this song

001-I love Johnson's face wipes honestly do not know what I would do without them, and when i get them I always buy 4 packs at a time 2 day and 2 night then can carry some in my handbag as well,Make my skin feel nice a refreshed and the nighttime ones have the most beautiful smell to them and remove all off my make up whilst cleansing my skin love them.

002-Only got the GOSH velvet touch primer recently and have to say our all the primers I have used this so far is my al time favourite and it really does leave my skin feeling like velvet so a funny feeling when u put it on ya fingers, the only downside is it gets used up very quickly I have nearly finished the bottle all ready.

003 - This Soap And Glory 'Scrub Your Nose In It' has been in one of my monthly faves before but recently have had a nasty break out of spots across my nose and this really does work wonders, I just use it as a mask for a few minutes,and is SO good I love the smell of it as well

004- I only got these cute Stila Palettes a week or so ago but they so cute I thought I would chuck them in here, get four pigmented eye shadows,a blusher and a bronzer in each palette and the quality is so good I will definitely be buying the other two to match them, if you wanna see swatches then I done a post here about them

005- I had heard so many good things about this lip/cheek stain so popped in to Boots and had a look and very nearly got the yummyberry one then decided to get Coconut Crush andso glad I did,it's all i have been wearing on my lips since I got it and stays on for so long,non sticky and has the most gorgeus coconut smell which reminds me of being abroad on holiday love it.

006- Was over the moon when i saw rows and rows of Sally Hansen nail varnishs in our Boots as know can be hard to find in England and spent ages picking what colours to get in end I got three but these two are my faves and such cute names Fairy Teal and Purple Pulse,got a ncie thick brush to make the plication so much easier love them will be adding to the collection.

Oh and completely off subject but this made me and Nath laugh our heads off the other night Iwas cleaning our draws out and rearranging them,popped down stairs and when I came back up look who had decided this was gonna be his bed

Cheeky git!

Hope you've all had a good weekend! What are your favourites this month?


  1. Aww its amazing how cats can make beds out of anything! the boy's cat is the same - any old box no matter the size becomes a bed!

  2. haha so funny isnt it,how it looks so awkard and uncomfy yet they will sleep anywhere

  3. I need to try those Johnson wipes and that nose cleanser, great post I love favorites I need to do mine..

  4. hahah aawww1! My cat loves sleeping in my drawers, too! I always panic because I worry that he will climb behind them and get stuck in the closet!

    J&J wipes really surprised me! They're really good!! And I really wanna try those Stila palettes!

  5. @Beauxs Mono you should they are sooo goood
    @ Prettyinthedesert haha tell me about it,he kept looking to go behind it was like omg don't you dare haha! Yeah they are so good, Oh you should get the palettes they fab

    xx xx

  6. i LOVE stila :)

  7. Johnson wipes stocked up on this week :)
    Second the gosh primer, I find it as good as the smashbox one :)

  8. :) Can not beat the wipes can u, Not tried smashbox but I would say it is as good as the benefit that gal one as well, xxxx

  9. I only ever use the Johnsons makeup wipes, they're the best!

    Love the S&G face scrub too.


  10. Yeah they are so goo good xx