Wednesday, 16 November 2011


Models Own Nail Polishes, I think three of my favourites are Juicy Jules, Blooboo and Fuzzy peach and had actually forgotten how much I love them, one of my fave combinations is fuzzy peach on all my nails and then on my ring finger two coats of juicy jules to give it that extra edge

Lush Lip Scrubs, after my recent purchase of the Pow Wow scrub I realised I had run out of my Bubblegum scrub so on my luch break I ran into Lush v quickly and just grabbed a Bubblegum scrub and Sweet Lips Scrub best to stock up now as I love using them and especially in winter they really help my lips and stop them from cracking and getting really dry

Using my Wah Nail art pen and just decided to so do a dotty nail look as hadn't used it in a while. Been having movie nights with Nath just chilling out and sharing a bottle or 2 of sparkling rose :).

Als been loving I'm a celebrity so far and I think it only gonna get better at the min my faves are Mark,Lorraine,Jessica. Have you been watching it? Opinions?



  1. Lovely Juicy Jules! This post reminds me Ive got some MO polishes that I havent even used yet! Naughty Naughty! xx

  2. I love the LUSH lip scrubs too. I have the Bubblegum one but I want to try some of the other flavours too :) xx

  3. Me2 Leanne and yeah I had forgotton all about my MO polishes.xx
    You should try the Pow Wow it is lime but has chunks of popping candy in it xx

  4. I loove Juicy Jules, it always gets compliments when I use it! Cosy movie nights sound ideal it's what I've been doing after working my way down the mountain of uni work I have D: Hope you have a good week :)

  5. Nice isn't it Jessica. Hope uni is going well for you hun xx