Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Week In Pictures

So this past week not been upto much recently, busy with work done some shopping and had nice chilled weekend watching films with nath Unstoppable and Abduction were to e saw and really liked them both. Now it's getting sooo cold at night i got some thick slipper socks from primark which are SO damn comfy and got lil pom poms which are cute apart from now our cat thinks my feet are his toys and keeps attacking them.

Had a big spend up in Lush and I got a tub of Rub Rub Rub which is a shower scrub and omg it is amazing as it exfoliates as well and when I opened first thing I thought was looks like a slush puppy and I imagined it to smell fresh and citrus like but it's not it has a real subtle cherry blossom scent to it which is so nice and love it.

Painted my nails on Sunday and decided to go for one of my new polishes which is Sally Hansen's complete salon Manicure in 'Grey by Grey' which is a perfect colour for winter love it.
And I am obsessed with my new Lush Lipscrub in Pow Wow which I spoke about in my last post it is lime flavour but has popping candy in it, so cool love it.

And now Christmas is approaching fast I thought the time was right to get my good ol Santa mug out now :) I got it last year and is perfect for hot Chocolate with whipped cream and Marsh mellows :)
Hope everyone is having a good week. What you get upto over weekend?



  1. The slipper socks look so cosy!

  2. Ahh I live in my slipper socks and knitted booties when it gets chilly, I love them ^_^
    I smelt Rub Rub Rub the other day when I was in Lush, it smells amazing I have to get it!

  3. Ahh it sooo good jessica really nice xx