Monday, 14 November 2011

Hit&Miss Monday

So I was at work today busy as normal and thinking about my blog and what posts I could do I then came up with a mini series 'Hit&Miss Mondays' where I'll show some of certain products I love and some which I didn't love so much and then every Monday be a diff theme like nail varnishes,skin care,lipsticks, but thats only if any interested in them of course. These are only my opinion .



Nails Inc Porchester Square-Just a beautiful nude shade,so easy to apply and something you can wear every day without being too in ya face.
Nails Inc Piccadilly Circus -Adeep raspberry shade perfect for Winter,always wear a base coat though as can stain nails quite bad
Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure 'Yellow Kitty'- I think this was my shade of the summer wore it so much just the perfect yellow for those summer days
Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure 'Grey By Grey'-My recent SH purchase which I got for the colder months just a beautiful greyish blue shade.
China Glaze 'CG In The City'- A stunning purple glitter fest varnish perfect on it's own or as a top coat to give a nice effect
China Glaze 'TrendSetter'- The 'marmite' varnish which I love and is fast becoming one of my all time fave nail varnishes.
O.P.I 'Pepes Purple Passion'- From their new Muppets Collection just a stunning deep purple shade, love it.
Maybelline 'Orange Couture'- Along with the Yellow Kitty this was my shade of the summer a nice vibrant orange looks amazing with a tan.

BarryM Nail Effects in Pink- Liked it at the time, but am SO over the crackle effect now
Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure'Thinking Of Blue- A lovely deep navy shade but just does not suit me
Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure 'Gilty Pleasure'- Liked it when I got it, but just gone off it now not really a metallic gold lover tbh.
O.P.I 'Austin-tatious Turquoise- Was really disappointed in this, dont know if i had a bad bottle but was a nightmare to apply,chipped easily and dried up really quickly in the bottle.
Maybelline Express Finish 'Khaki Green- Lovely shade in bottle, but in reality looked very washed out when applied and chipped easily.
Maybelline Express Finish 'Berry Fast'- Needed 4 coats just to get some vibrancey in it, just do not like it at all
Max Factor mini max effect- Don't know the name, really liked it I then went back to use it a few weeks later and the brush had gone as hard as nails.

Like I said these are only my opinions and am sure some of my Hits you won't like and some of my Misses you will like. I am thinking about doing this every monday but obviously on different products so today os Nail Varnishes and then maybe will do lipsticks,eye make up,skin care etc.
 Let me know if you would be intreasted in that or not


  1. I use my old glossyboxes for the same storage haha!

  2. haha come in so handy don't they! x

  3. Yeah my love for the barry m crackle effects didn't last super long either - was fun while it lasted.

  4. yeah they were great once lasted,but over and done with real quick xx