Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Novemember Faves !

//It's Raining Men Body Wash - I have been using this loads over past month and think I even love it more than Snow Fairy there not really a lot you can say about it as I'm sure everyone has tried it once I love though how can use it as bubble bath.shampoo,or shower wash and it smells amazing,and leaves my skin feeling so smooth.

//St.Ives Apricot Scrub- This is one of my skin care stables I am always re-purchasing them as they exfoliate my skin so well and smell amazing and always pop up in my Monthly favourites as they are incredible and I could not be without it.

//Rub Rub Rub Shower Scrub - This is amazing have been using it in the shower on early mornings and the fact that it is a scrub as well as a wash is so good as it exfoliates my skins at the same I will definitely be re purchasing this without a doubt.

//Vaseline Aloe Fresh Moisturising Gel- Just as amazing as the lotion but this gel hydrates the skin as well as moisturising it so in the winter months when my skin is a bit on the dry side I find this really helps out.

//Bourjois Volume Glamour Max Mascara - I recently got this mascara in superdrug and knew instantly I would love it as i love big thick brushes which give my lashes more volume I always have and this brush has the thickest brush I have seen and really gives my lashes more volume.

//Stila smudge pot 'Kitten'-I have used this every day fot past month and I love love love it been using it as a base for eyeshadow and for a highlighter along brow bone or inner corner and it is amazing really helps the shadow stay on a lot longer

//Benefit Eyeshadow 'Rich Beach'-Had this for a little while now and really looks good on top of the smudge pot or in my crease line love it.

//Bourjois Khol&Contour Eyeliner- I got this about a week ago and I think it is fast becoming my fave drugstore eyeliner it glides on like a dream and nice dark black,smudges easy if i want to blend it in a bit and stays on allday long without me having to top up.

//China Glaze 'Tinsel Lights'- This is from China Glaze's Christmas 'Let It Snow' collection and i love it,it is so pretty on it own or used as a top coat over a black shade and I havent got anything like this before and really is stunning all the different colour glitter grains is perfect for festive period

//O.P.I 'Warm & Fozzie'- Is from their Muppets Collection and I wasn't sure when I saw it online but as soon as I got it I fell in love a beautiful bronze duo chrome shade with a real nice shimmer in it.

//China Glaze 'Blue Year Eve'- Again from the LIS Collection a stunning vibrant blue with a hint of shimmer in it will be a perfect shade for the party season

//O.P.I 'Get In The Expresso Lane'- I Love my nudes and browns this winter and this is a stunning coffee shade which is perfect to wear during the day

//China Glaze 'Tinsel Town'- I panicked at first when I applied this thinking Oh No this is going to be a nightmare to get off but it honestly just glides off YAY.I love this as in the bottle looks silver but once you apply it it is a stunning collection of deep mauve and silver glitter bits so pretty.

What have you been loving this month?

Monday, 28 November 2011

Cocktail Time

Last week me and Nath decided we would book Friday and Monday off work so we could have a nice long weekend and do some christmas shopping, On Friday night we popped to our local T.G.I Fridays for a meal and drinks with 2 of our friends and the cocktails there really are the best I always have to have the ultimate ones and this time round I had Purple Rain which I love,Rum May Say which was filled with rasberries and so tasty,and Green Eyes. My started was so tasty as well I tend to have it every time we go and it's the Jack Daniels Seasame chicken strips the JD glaze is out of this world

Then on Saturday we went and done some Christmas shopping and got most of it out of the way then popped to the Christmas markets to have a look around and some mulled wine love it :).

My two favourtie polishes at the mo are two of my newest and they are from china glaze's 'Let it Snow' Collection 'Twinkle Lights' and Snow Globe' so festive but Snow Globe is much better as a top coat.
Hope you all had an amazing weekend

Friday, 25 November 2011

Twinkle Twinkle

So today my weekend started as me and Nath both booked today and monday off work to have a nice long weekend together and do some christmas shopping, and popped into town and I grabbed some new nail polishes I picked up China Glaze Snow Globe,Twinkle Lights and Liquid Leather and also O.P.I Get In The Expresso Lane.

Tonight we are off out for a meal and cocktails with friends to T.G.I Fridays :) they do the best cocktails so I thought I would paint my nails in China Glaze Twinkle Lights and O.M.G the pictures so NOT do it justice it is so festive and reminds me just of christmas tree/tinsel I bloomin love it!! And so easy to apply and good coverage with just two coats.

It comes across matte finish in pictures but it is very shiny and i love all the green and red glitter in it

What shades you loving at the min?


Wednesday, 16 November 2011


Models Own Nail Polishes, I think three of my favourites are Juicy Jules, Blooboo and Fuzzy peach and had actually forgotten how much I love them, one of my fave combinations is fuzzy peach on all my nails and then on my ring finger two coats of juicy jules to give it that extra edge

Lush Lip Scrubs, after my recent purchase of the Pow Wow scrub I realised I had run out of my Bubblegum scrub so on my luch break I ran into Lush v quickly and just grabbed a Bubblegum scrub and Sweet Lips Scrub best to stock up now as I love using them and especially in winter they really help my lips and stop them from cracking and getting really dry

Using my Wah Nail art pen and just decided to so do a dotty nail look as hadn't used it in a while. Been having movie nights with Nath just chilling out and sharing a bottle or 2 of sparkling rose :).

Als been loving I'm a celebrity so far and I think it only gonna get better at the min my faves are Mark,Lorraine,Jessica. Have you been watching it? Opinions?


Monday, 14 November 2011

Hit&Miss Monday

So I was at work today busy as normal and thinking about my blog and what posts I could do I then came up with a mini series 'Hit&Miss Mondays' where I'll show some of certain products I love and some which I didn't love so much and then every Monday be a diff theme like nail varnishes,skin care,lipsticks, but thats only if any interested in them of course. These are only my opinion .



Nails Inc Porchester Square-Just a beautiful nude shade,so easy to apply and something you can wear every day without being too in ya face.
Nails Inc Piccadilly Circus -Adeep raspberry shade perfect for Winter,always wear a base coat though as can stain nails quite bad
Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure 'Yellow Kitty'- I think this was my shade of the summer wore it so much just the perfect yellow for those summer days
Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure 'Grey By Grey'-My recent SH purchase which I got for the colder months just a beautiful greyish blue shade.
China Glaze 'CG In The City'- A stunning purple glitter fest varnish perfect on it's own or as a top coat to give a nice effect
China Glaze 'TrendSetter'- The 'marmite' varnish which I love and is fast becoming one of my all time fave nail varnishes.
O.P.I 'Pepes Purple Passion'- From their new Muppets Collection just a stunning deep purple shade, love it.
Maybelline 'Orange Couture'- Along with the Yellow Kitty this was my shade of the summer a nice vibrant orange looks amazing with a tan.

BarryM Nail Effects in Pink- Liked it at the time, but am SO over the crackle effect now
Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure'Thinking Of Blue- A lovely deep navy shade but just does not suit me
Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure 'Gilty Pleasure'- Liked it when I got it, but just gone off it now not really a metallic gold lover tbh.
O.P.I 'Austin-tatious Turquoise- Was really disappointed in this, dont know if i had a bad bottle but was a nightmare to apply,chipped easily and dried up really quickly in the bottle.
Maybelline Express Finish 'Khaki Green- Lovely shade in bottle, but in reality looked very washed out when applied and chipped easily.
Maybelline Express Finish 'Berry Fast'- Needed 4 coats just to get some vibrancey in it, just do not like it at all
Max Factor mini max effect- Don't know the name, really liked it I then went back to use it a few weeks later and the brush had gone as hard as nails.

Like I said these are only my opinions and am sure some of my Hits you won't like and some of my Misses you will like. I am thinking about doing this every monday but obviously on different products so today os Nail Varnishes and then maybe will do lipsticks,eye make up,skin care etc.
 Let me know if you would be intreasted in that or not

Sunday, 13 November 2011

NOTD - Nails Inc Piccadilly Circus

Was thinking last week how I have not done a NOTD post in a while, so thought would just do a quick one now. And over the weekend I have been wearing my Nails Inc Piccadilly Circus shade which i love as it is a deep rasberry colour which is perfect for winter,not too bright and not too deep.

I have in the past found Nails Inc a bit hit and miss with me as they always tend to chip really fast for my liking but recently been using my Maybelline Manicure top coat and that has been working wonders as making them nice and chip free .I think this is without doubt one of my favourite shades at the minute.

Hope you are all having a fab weekend.

Friday, 11 November 2011

As The Cold Nights Set In

I don't know if it is just me in my old age haha but this week it has been so bitterly cold at night, I think every night this week has involved the same thing for me, get in from work run a bath and use my Lush products been using my Cinders bath bomb which has popping candy in it and just a beautiful warmy spice scent and tried the new Melting snowman Bath melt which is amazing. And being a little pig and having mugs of nutella hot choc with whipped cream and marsh mellows,

And painting my nails, as you all know I am obsessed with Nail varnish and this week I have been swapping between my beloved nudes and deep berry shades my favourites at the min are all Nails inc and they are Basil Street,Porchester Square for my nudes and for a berry shade Picadilly Circus.

Also during the days I have been using my new Stila smudge pot Kitten as a base for my eyeshadows and also for a highlighter on my brow bone and tear duct and have to say I love it
 Also on Sunday when I was having a spend up in Lush I got given some samples and one was a face scrub called Buche De Noel which i tried tonight and got to admit I am 50/50 on it left my skin feeling extra smooth which is good but the smell I did not like it reminded me of Play Dough.

What have you all been upto this week?

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Week In Pictures

So this past week not been upto much recently, busy with work done some shopping and had nice chilled weekend watching films with nath Unstoppable and Abduction were to e saw and really liked them both. Now it's getting sooo cold at night i got some thick slipper socks from primark which are SO damn comfy and got lil pom poms which are cute apart from now our cat thinks my feet are his toys and keeps attacking them.

Had a big spend up in Lush and I got a tub of Rub Rub Rub which is a shower scrub and omg it is amazing as it exfoliates as well and when I opened first thing I thought was looks like a slush puppy and I imagined it to smell fresh and citrus like but it's not it has a real subtle cherry blossom scent to it which is so nice and love it.

Painted my nails on Sunday and decided to go for one of my new polishes which is Sally Hansen's complete salon Manicure in 'Grey by Grey' which is a perfect colour for winter love it.
And I am obsessed with my new Lush Lipscrub in Pow Wow which I spoke about in my last post it is lime flavour but has popping candy in it, so cool love it.

And now Christmas is approaching fast I thought the time was right to get my good ol Santa mug out now :) I got it last year and is perfect for hot Chocolate with whipped cream and Marsh mellows :)
Hope everyone is having a good week. What you get upto over weekend?


Sunday, 6 November 2011

Spending Spree Sunday

So today I went into town with my Friend Amiee for a shopping spree and some lunch, and went mad in Lush I just can't help it, it's like it was calling out my name. I got
The Melting Snowman,Twlight,Cinders,SexBomb,Gingerbread House and SkullDuggery and I have already used the Twlight bath bomb as I love it I think it is my all time fave. Really looking forward to trying the Gingerbread house and Cinders.
Also got Snow Fairy shower gel which i adore can not get enough of it and It's Raining men shower gel, then as I love their lip scrubs i got their new POW WOW scrub which is amazing it has POPPING CANDY in it!! Amazing. and last but not least i got Rub Rub Rub shower scrub

Then popped in to Boots to get Nath some new Hugo Boss aftershave and whilst I was in their I treated myself to some Philosophy bubble bath which was buy 1 get 1 free and got Egg nog and also Cinnamon Buns, and just from the smell i think I now know why they are£13 a bottle- amazing.
Then got a new stila smudge pot in Kitten. And two Nail Varnish's Sally Hansen 'Gray by Gray' and Nails Inc 'Porchester Street.

And walking back I nipped into Urban Outfitters and couldn't really see anything and then this watch caught my eye and just had to have it, it so nice. and Also had a spree in primark where got some winter cardis and jumpers and pjs but will do a seperate post on them as will be too picture heavy.
What have you bought recently? Hope you all having a good weekend

Friday, 4 November 2011

October Faves

L-R 17 Purple Haze, Benefit Do Tell

Vaseline Body Lotions- I am obsessesd with these, in these cold winter months I find my skin gets so dry so I always make sure I moisturise it all the time and you can not beat Vaseline body lotions especially the Aloe Fresh Hydrating one leaves my skin feeling amazing and the smell is amazing fresh cucumbers sooo good!

O.P.I Muppet Collection - I think this is one of my favourite collections around at the min, I have Divine Swine which is a gorgeous purple glitterfest with huge silver chunks of glitter like nothing I have owned before and I love it, I also love  Excuse Moi which is a stunning deep red fine glitter polish and Pepes Purple Passion a lovely deep plum with hints of glitter in it which is perfect for winter, I also have their AMAZING Rainbow Connection which is beyond amazing but will be doing a post about that. Also loving my nude shades as well I have been wearing a lot of Nails Inc Basil Street which is a beautiful toffee shade.

17 Lipstick 'Purple Haze'-Jst a pretty deep plum shade which a lovely glossy finish which is perfect for autumn and winter and I have not got a shade like it, leaves my lips feeling so moisturised afterwards as well
Benefit 'Do Tell'-  I have had this shade for a while now and always thought it was too dark for me, but now in these colder months I have grown to love it and Benefit lipsticks just glide on I love them

L'Occitane Hand Creams - I got one of these free in my Marie Claire magazine and then I mentioned to my lovely Mum how much I loved it and two days later there was one in the post for me where she had gone and bought Marie Claire and sent me the Hand Cream, bless her. My fave is without a doubt the Hibiscus Flower one, and I have just purchased the full sized ones on their website before they end as they are limited Edition as they really are amazing and leave my hands nice and smooth

I can not believe i is November already Just madness! Hope everyone is well! And what are your faves from October?