Friday, 6 May 2011

A Box Filled With Treats

I signed up for the Graze box on wednesday and it arrived today :) So happy and I'm so glad I found out about this amazing company because the foods they do look so yummy and tasty and are healthy for you as well so you can not go wrong.

As you can see in this Graze box I recieved
The Herb Garden
Oregano rice crackers,herb crispy bites and oregano crispy peanuts
West Country Chedder red onion & chutney Focaccia
Korean Chilli Rice Crackers
Billionares Shortbread
Belgion milk chocolate chunks,almonds,cranberries,and fudge

I was very happy with the boxes I got and can not wait to try them out, my next box comes on wednesday so intresting to see what I recieve I know it will NOT be olives as I hate them so I ticked the never send box on the website as you can choose which foods you want,don't want and also want to try which is so good and you pick the days they are delievered.

If you want to sign up to Graze and try their amazing products out I have a code you can use which is
9w23ltc3 which will give you you're first box free and second box half price.


  1. The focaccia and korean chilli rice crackers are sooo good! x

  2. Just wolfing the Korean crackers down now LOVE them, the Foacaccia looks real tasty xx

  3. Yumm!!! Unfortunately this is another amazing service that do not deliver to Ireland... Sob sob sob glossy box graze box sob sob sob :P xxxx

  4. i love graze boxes, everything is so yummy. just going to have a treat out of mine i think to accompany my hot chocolate. nom nom! x

  5. aww Hannah another one which is such meanies!! Don't understand why they don't silly really!
    Jasmin yeah they sooo yummy aren't they :) xxxxx