Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Whats In My Bag .....

Have seen so many of these Tags on You Tube & Blogger so thought I would do one myself.

I got this bag from Primark for £10 I was after a black one or a bright coloured satchel but then I saw this and liked how soft it was so got it instead and love it so big that can fit everything in I need but not too big that I lose stuff in it like previous bags. I also love the buckle detailing on it as well.

  • 2011 Diary - I got this from paperchase I always get my diarys from Paperchase I love them, and always need it on me to write stuff down, think I would be lost without it.
  • Sunglasses- Been quite sunny recently and these are me cheap day to day sunglasses from Oasis, My best sunglasses are my Raybans I have had for about 3 years but just use these ones on a day to day basis.
  • Garnier eye roller- This has had so much hype around it and is one product which lives upto the hype I could not be without it especially staring at a computer screen at work all day my eyes get really tired but this really soothes them.
  • Soap&Glory Hand Maid- I'm such a germ phobe so always like to carry around a hand sanitiser gel with me all the time butsome of them have a real nasty smell so was so happy when found that Soap and Glory done one, and like all their other products smells amazing
  • Purse-  Have had this one for a few years and just got it from next but think it time to get a new one.
  • Simple Eye Correcter -Comes in handy when my eyes get a bit watery or I smudge my eye make up during the day.
  • Make up Brushes- Always keep them on me for touch up or if need to re apply me foundation, I love my flat top brush makes applying liquid foundation so much easier
  • Nail File- You never know when this little beauty is going to come in handy
  • O.P.I Shorty's Story- This is the colour my nails are at the min and just i case I get a chip I always carry a pot of whatever shade I am wearing in my bag
  • Garnier Face Cleansing Wipes- I always carry these in my bag just to freashen up during the day.
  • Carmex Mint Lip Balm- The best lip Balm in the world I do prefer the cherry one to mint but have had this in my bag for a while now so useing it up.

And there you have it, my 'Whats in the bag' post. I tag you all and if you do it leave me a link so I can have a nosey, and also If you have already done it again leave me a link so I can have a peek.
You all having a good week? Been upto much?



  1. I done this tag in March, but i've just looked at it again and seen that i'm using a totally different bag, and the contents has completely changed...think it's time to do an updated version! LOL


  2. I love your bag! I'm very tempted to do one of these soon, although most of the stuff in my bag is utter rubbish!


  3. nice bag! :D love the contents as well :) oh BTW, I'm having my birthday giveaway. You can check it here:
    Misskatv's Birthday Sigma Brush Giveaway

    xoxo, Kat :)

  4. Thanks Jess, Yeah my bag mostly contains a load of crap and stuff i think i have lost haha xx

  5. Love the handbag! I always buy my diaries from Paperchase too..they have such lovely things in there! :)

    I'm hoping to do a post like this at some point...will link you on twitter or something when I do! xx

  6. Lovely bag, definitely agree with you on the carmex front, cherry is my fav! :)

  7. yeah the diaries from paperchase are so nice always get them from there Sarah xx
    Thanks MissKat I will have a look at it soon xx