Sunday, 1 May 2011

Weekend Wonders

+ Drank lots of ice cold pimms at BBQ
+The nicest antipasto ever!! Sooo yummy
+ Making the most of flip flop weather
+ Fresh fruit cupcakes my friend has made for street party bbq very nice
+ We are dog sitting for a week, this morning came down to find them like this in our conservatory sooo cute
+ Took dogs for long walk in Lake District was soooo nice :)
+ Fave pic which Nath took on our walk with the dogs.

What have you been doing this weekend?


  1. what gorgeous pictures! i've drank so much pimms this weekend it's unreal! haha, and those cupcakes look so lovely! x

  2. Thanks, and omg u haveto have pimms when it sunny don't you soooo nice

  3. Aaarhh how gorgeous are the king Charles??? My dog is a king Charles and he's so lovely... Such a lovely temperament of a dog :D xxxx

  4. I love King Charles they are my fave breed of dog along with Boxers, and my friends King Charles have recently had puppies so hopefully I'll be getting one :) xxxx