Tuesday, 3 May 2011

How The Weekend Was Spent.....

So we had yet another Bank Holiday weekend which was sooo good, Hope you all had a good one? On friday we went to our friends Royal Wedding street party which was good fun and I did actually get a bit teary I though Catherine looked so beautiful and elegant they make such a lovely couple. Then the rest of weekend was spent dog sitting ,doing gardening, chilling with Nath and going for walk round Lake District which was lovely, also Nath is happy as has spent a lot of time sorting our flower patch out and now they have all come into bloom and look so beautiful so whilst he done that I sat in the garden with some red wine and sorted through my ever growin O.P.I nail polish collection and I have to say I used to LOVE Models Own and still do but they just don't compare to O.P.I I think what I love the most about them is their quirky and unique names for each polish.


Lovin my wedges from Primark at the min so bloody comfy

Koala Bear-y,Charged Up Cherry,Do ya think i'm tex-y,And this little piggy,Shorts Story,Significant other colour,Make Love

Katy Perry Collection

Lady In Black,Linken Park After Dark,Green-wich village,Blue my mind,Mod Hatter

Hope you all had amazing weekend,what did u get upto? Did u watch the wedding?

And last but not least i'm sure you all know the beautiful Hannah well she has now done her first ever you tube video which is pretty amazing so make sure you go and check it out here and suscribe to it as she is without doubt one the nicest people in the blogging world!! xoxoxox


  1. I love those wedges, I've been looking for some slingback ones for ages. Would really like them in black so will go for a look this weekend xx

  2. i definitely prefer OPI to models own now. the katy perry collection changed my mind! and i loved the royal wedding so much, it was such a special day full of sweet moments and kate looked so beautiful! x

  3. They had them in black as well Emily, just didn't have my sized £10 in primark. xx
    Think the Katy Perry changed my mind as well Jasmin, and yeah she looked soo beautiful xx

  4. Ok so you have officially made my day!! :o) and just look at your opi collection... Wow!! :o) xxx

  5. haha I'm a little bit obsessed with nail polish :)

  6. Aww Hanna you're more than welcome lovely, and meant what I said xxxx

  7. I love your OPI collection!
    They have such good products and quality

  8. Thank you Emily yeah I <3 them, such amazing colours they do xx

  9. Those wedges are lovely, especially for the price!
    I still haven't tried any OPI varnishes yet, I do like the look of them though


  10. they are so good jessica and hardly ever chip! xxx