Monday, 23 May 2011

Being A Little Kid..............

So I was reading a post which the lovely Hayley had done about Being a little kid and basically reminiscing about all the good things we enjoyed as kids and I loved reading her post so I thought I would do one myself as was such a good read you can read Hayleys Post here


OMG I was obsessed with Sooty as a kid was without doubt my favourite show, every day it was on I used to get sooo excited and I had ( and still have) the Puppets to go with it I remember being so sad when mum had washed Sweep and his squeak went after being washed haha and even now I can remember the theme tune ' Hey ho it Sooty and Co every1 say hello... HELLO' haha and don't worry the puppets are in the loft at my mums I don't still play with them now ha


Everyone I know had these trolls such a huge craze for them wasn't there? Used to get so excited when I got a new one, and U could get the bigger ones which were like a ballerina and bride etc? Loved them

One of my favourite cartoons was gummybears loved this show

Oh Penny
As a kid I was obsessed with Oh Penny I remember one christmas mum and dad Getting me this house and the tree house and then form then on I was hooked loved it :)

Penny Sweets
Brings back memories of getting ya pocket money and popping to the shop to buy the little 1p and 2p sweets ah those were the days

BabySitters Club

Dont know if just me but these Books were my fave when I was kid I had every single book and loved them all.Also loved the point horror books as well, did u read any of them?

Sister Sister

My fave show I loved this programme so much and even now wish they would show re runs loved poor old roger 'go home roger' haha

Going the beach and spending so much time building a sandcastle with a little moat then praying it didnt get washed away when the tide came in,lol and me and my cousins used to make Sand cakes as well and try to get our parents to eat them haha :/

Aww Thanks Hayley for doing a post like this so nice reminiscing about being a kid we really did havethe best shows especially like saved by the bell,kenan and kel,Sabrina teenage witch,clarissa explains it all, and the best toys as well.Did any of u have the tiny tim doll which cried and had a wee?

What toys/shows did u like when a kid?


  1. YESYESYES I bloody loved Sooty!! Still do a bit, I have it on dvd for days when I feel like regressing ;)

    Was a fan of Babysitters club and Sister sister too :D

  2. I use to love Mr Benn - he was so cool x

  3. Aww I had the sooty puppets too! I was gunna put Sister Sister in my post but I left it with jsut Sabrina, but Nickelodeon was so much better when we were younger than it is now hehe :)Thanks for doing this its grea tot see what other people remember and sparks off memories in each other :) lets just turn back time and go back to then yeh? :) xxx


    Ahh I love posts like these!

    I loved Sooty! I wish I still had the puppets. I also loved Polly Pocket...such a shame I don't have those anymore either!


  5. Nooo thank u for doing it Hayley was great to read, and yeah Nickelodeon was the best when we were growing up, I agree lets turn the time back and do it all over again :) Be fab if we could. xxxx
    @Raffles aww yaay sooty was great weren't he!
    @Rachael yeah mr benn was good to xx

  6. haha sooo funny everytime he knocked on the door you justknew what was coming, aww Polly Pockets I loved them xx

  7. I have a sooty puppet too! And I had some trolls! Omg and penny sweets were the best, loved mojo's! x

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  9. ahhh what a great post! It really takes me back...I used to cut the hair off my trolls and colour their lips with felt tip to make them look like they were wearing lipstick! haha xx

  10. yeah theywere karla xx
    Hahah that made me laugh out loud rebecca xx and thank u xx

  11. OMG Sooty, Sister Sister, Babysitters Club, Point Horror, penny sweets... you are my twin!

    Amazing recap of our childhoods, hun xo!

  12. Sweep was my favourite! and I always watched Sabrina the teenage witch and Saved by the bell!

  13. You have reminded me of things that I haven't thought about in forver. I used to love the GummyBears show too! I read the BSC books like I couldn't get enough of them. I still have a book full of them in the basement! And sister sister was my and my sisters fave!

  14. Aw wow Bex soo alike! they were all fab werent they.xxxx
    Yeah sweep was cute Sheps loved both those shows 2xxxx

  15. Sooo :) that so many of u loved BSC as well, I adored their books lol and sister sister such a gr9 show werent it sunny amp star xxxx

  16. Oh my I used to adore the Babysitters Club! I want to dig the books out now! x

  17. Jasmin thats what I feel like doing now as well is getting the books out and reading them Loved them xx
    Yeah sooty was fab claire xxx

  18. sooty is and will always be one of my all time favorite kids programmes,really takes me back :)

  19. omg great post, i remember all those things but forgot about the point horror books i loved those!

    shel xx

  20. Thanks Shel :) Yeah loved point horror books were so gr8 werent they xx xx

  21. I mis being a little kid! Great post

  22. i loved sooty! But I was more of a Saturday Morning TV lover. Gimme 5, Going Live, Ghost Train.... those were the days.
    Oh and I miss penny sweets, too!

  23. I had trolls too! Loved Sister Sister and esp LOVED building sand castles. I still do haha. I remember digging holes at the beach trying to reach the other side of the world lmao.

  24. they were werent they Julie.x
    Haha HCF me too always thought If just kept digging would get there xx