Monday, 23 May 2011

Time For Cocktails & Sushi :-)

So my week in pictures is a different kind this week just going to feature a few of our break away in Edinburgh we stayed in an amazing hotel which was lovely and had a lovely time chilling and celebrating Nathan's 30th the hotel version of a cooked breakfast on one day was in mini shot glasses which you will see in a min which to begin with I thought OH NO it just looked so odd and I did not want to try it but actually was very pleasant haha, We spent our time away sight seeing, going the castle, making cocktails, and eating sushi which was nice.
Cooked breakfast-Scrambled eggs,Beans,salmon and toast haha


Smoothie Shots which were so Delicious
View from the castle

Our 'Teacher' and cocktails

Sushi time :) Soooo tasty

Love this pic

Pretty flowers I saw and snapped

Hope you all had an amazing weekend? Have you been upto much?
Hope you all have an amazing week!


  1. The beans in the shot glass!! LOL!! how on earth did you get your fork in there? hehe thats so funny, glad u had a great time :D xxx

  2. hahaha I know how random? OMG the forks were so so tiny like the length of baby finger :/ xxx

  3. Oh what gorgeous photos, Edinburgh looks lovely and I have sushi cravings just looking at these! It looks and sounds like you had a nice trip x

  4. Thanks Jasmin :) ooh the sushi was sooo yummy really was. Hope you have had a lovely weekend xoxo

  5. WOW all that food looks crazy cool, I can see why you were a lil intimidated, but what a fab idea :D Especially the breakfast ones :D

  6. oh my god those smoothie shots look so yummy, hha never seen anything like beans egg and toast in a shot glass! glad you had a good time, edinburgh is one of my favourite cities :) xx

  7. First time Had ever been Hayley but yeah beautiful city really nice.
    Haha raffles I know was so odd but quite nice xxxx

  8. i live in edinburgh and love the place, glad you had a brill time here

    shel xx