Sunday, 17 July 2011

Week In Pictures

001- Obsessed with Boot's Botanics Rosewater Toner not only does it smell bloody amazing,but leaves my skin feeling so smooth, use it as my make up remover as well as find it is so good around my eyes where some will leave them stining a bit this seems to be ok, get through so much of it.

002- Been using Benefit You Rebel tinted moisturiser a lot recently but needed a new foundation and as I was in boots I got Maybelline satin liquid and I have to say it is pretty damn good, think I will get it again.

003- Been a right book worm this week, I finished Diane Chamberlain 'Midwife Confessions' on Friday, So I got Karen Slaughter 'Broken' as have heard such good reviews on it, and already on chapter 15 and loving it, love a good thriller wether it be a film or a book.

004- I fell in love with Liptons Teas ages ago and then saw this flavour 'Morocco' with a hint of mint and spices and i it sooo bloody nice reminds me of chai tea which I love, and I seriously can not stop drinking this stuff.

005- Our cat socks chilling on the sofa bed in spare room which he counts as his room I think he is so damn cute though and love how he still got his pink paw pads even though the vet said he is about 2 now.

006- As the weather been shit this weekend I have rebelled if you like and been wearing bright summer colours on my nails and these are my two fave shades at the min, a nice calm yellow and vibrant purple with undertones of pinks and blues in.

Have you all had a good weekend?


  1. I love the yellow nail varnish. Not tried any of the bourjois Nail Varnishes before. Lets hope the weather perks up this week!

  2. Thanks, they really good hun and last long without chipping as well. Yeah fingers crossed it does, feels like winter already xxxx