Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Who Knew

That one rainy Sunday afternoon last September whilst Nath was out I would decide to start a blog to see how I got on and to keep an online diary if you like that I would be sitting here now writing out my 200th post. And I have to say I still love it as much as i did back then, sometimes I like to have a break away but then I get right back into it and I think it helps that I have lovely followers and some real amazing ones who speak to on twitter and are just pretty damn amazing people.

Hayley - Was on of my very first blogs I followed and still get excited when she does a post and just love them, it helps that she is a lovely warm hearted person as well who can chat to about anything really OH and she helped me remember a book from when we were kids- Enid Blyton book.And just an all round beautiful person xoxoxo

Hannah- Aww what can I say this is is AMAZING and can not wait to have cocktails with her when she next in Manchester, love her blog posts,always makes me smile such a sweetheart who deserves the very best in life and now does you tube videos which are amazing, and someone who I have grown to count as a good friend and very very glad I found her blog and got chatting to her xoxoxoxo

Gemma - One word and that is WOW Gemma is just a beautiful beautiful person inside and out, has the most amazing blog with so much depth and really inspiring posts as well, and is just the most amazing photographer her photos are stunning they really are, She is another one who deserves nothing but happiness and the best in life because not only an amazing blogger/photographer think you would struggle to find a nicer,kinder person than her, and always makes me laugh got a wicked sense of humour.xoxoxox

Samantha- I think I followed her blog around the same time as I did Hayley blog and is still one of my fave blogs ever, always look forward to her posts, plus is a girl after my own heart with a love for Hummingbird bakery and topshop,such a lovely warm hearted person oh and has the most cutest dog :-) xoxox

Laura-I just love this girls blog posts, she was my very first American blog I followed back in October and whenever was having a bad day or feeling a bit down I would always read one of her posts and would cheer me up,blogs about anything and everything and chat to her on twitter and she is such a darling a really lovely girl blogger would be a bloody dull place without her.

Charli- Love Charli blog amazing and always look forward to new posts she does. Also my fellow insomniac so always know whenever am awake at stupid o clock I have someone to chat to and always makes me smile and an all round lovely lovely person who makes fab you tube videos as well.

Hayley- Must b something with the name eh! :) This girl is one of the nicest people on blogger and twitter got a heart of gold and blogger/twitter would be crap if Hayley wasn't on them, gets on with every1 and her posts always put a smile on my face! Has such a cute cat as well.

I could go on and on and on and on with all other amazing blogger but those girls r the stand out ones for me and who have made this blogging experience an amazing time for me and who's posts I always look out for straight away, I think blogger would be so horrible and dull without these girls so from the bottom of my heart THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU oh p.s THANK YOU!!! you r all amazing people xxx

And thank you to everyone else as well who follows my little old blog it really does mean the world to me.


  1. How absolutely sweet :o) :o) This has so made my day xxx Thankyou xxxx

  2. More than welcome lovely,meant every word xxxx

  3. Aw I love this post, you and Hannah are two of the nicest girls Ive found on here, both lovely :) Thankyou xxxxx

  4. So are you Hayley Thank You :-) xxxxxx

  5. Thank you so much for this hun, really choked me up, your words! Xxxx

  6. Aw you are more than welcome hun,really meant every word xxxx

  7. Aww Hayley! My fellow night owl, what would twitter be without you to have my nightly conversations with! I agree with you that Gemma, Hannah and Hayley are amazing girls and the others I am going to have to check out :)

    Thank you sweetie


  8. Aww welcome honey! And I know what would I do without u on twitter when insomnia kicks in haha xxxx

  9. congrats, this is such a gorgeous post for all your besties out there really touching :)

    shel xx