Saturday, 9 July 2011

A Heart 2 Heart - Just Me

I have seen quite a few of these posts around at the minute and thought I would do one myself plus it a good way of getting to know the person behind the blog a bit better.

  • I love to laugh and I know that may sound odd but I always find something to laugh about, and I love people who make me laugh, if you can make me laugh then you have my attention, that is one the main things I love about Nathan even now after 5 years together he still makes me howl with laughter nearly every day, together we can be such a couple of divs mucking around and laughing at ourselves and I love it,Laughter really is the best medicine

  • I really can not stand spoilt little brats who get everything handed to them on a plate it makes my blood boil so much, I had my first job in a little bakers when I was 16 part time and getting £3.40 an hour and I can still remember my excitment when I got my first pay packet and went and bought stuff with my own money, and even to this day now at the end of each month and when all the bills are paid and I go on a shopping spree or book a holiday with Nath it makes me so happy knowing that I have worked bloody hard for it, thing like my super sweet 16 programmes make me angry with all these little brats who get everything they want from their mummy and daddy I mean seriously a mercedes convertible for ya 16th?! REALLY?!!

  • I love my mum so much and so happy I can call her one my best friends, it been a long hard struggle for us to get to this place but we finally got there, when I was growing up me and my mum lets say butted heads a few times over sooo many things and so many times we went for weeks not talking, there was a stage where she could of told me the sky was blue and I would argue with it, then when I hit 17 something changed or us both and now we very rarely argue and now we love spending time together and can have a bloody good time together dint get me wrong we can still argue and when we do it is always a biggy but overall we get on great and speak every single day, I live in Manchester and mum is in Kent so make sure we always speak every day and go and see her every month.

  • I have a tendencey where I have to be nice to everyone, even if someone has been nasty to me I am always the one who has to say sorry first, I don;t know what it is but I just have to be nice, and I think that can be my downfall as in the past have been walked all over and was never very good at sticking up for myself.

  • I used to worry about what people thought of me and would go out of my way to get people to like me,even at school if anyone ever wanted anything I would go out my way to get it for them ust so they would like me, but now I know they were only after what I gave them and I have no time for people like that in my life, I have the best friends and best boyfriend I could ever wish for and who mean the bloody world to me so now if people don't like me then to be honest I really don't care I am who I am and won't change for those kind of people.

  • Have learnt in life there is always going to be that one guy who breaks your heart so bad and you think you will never trust another person again but trust me you can not let that one experience affect the way you go about your future relationships not every guy is like that one bastard and can't stop yourself from loving again because of it.

  • My Dad is the most amazing wonderful man and I am such a daddy's girl, he has done so much for me in my life and helped me out so much I can never ever thank him enough, he has the best sense of humour ever! One year for Aprils fools my uncle and aunt were putting a pond in their garden and he wrote a letter pretending to be from the council telling them they could not have it, we went round later that day and they were starting to fill it in, we howled with laughter and so did they! He always puts my mind at ease about anything I can be such a worrier yet one phone call to my Dad and he just calms me right down.

  • I can not stand people who are all about the material things in life I find it shallow and so fickle and do not want people like that in my life, The way I see it is as long as you are happy,have the people you love around you then that is all what matters it is not about who has the best car, best brand of make up, or going to the most exotic holiday destinations it is what you make of it seriously who cares if you go to the Maldives or the isle of wight? As long as you have a good time and enjoy yaself, and yes MAC make up is lovely but honestly maybelline/rimmel blushers are just as good etc, things like that where you are really just paying for the name. And yes I have MAC make up but I don't go and buy it all the time, I get it as a treat I would rather put that money towards going away with Nath or going back down to Kent to be with family.

  • I have the most wonderful boyfriend in the world I really do and I am such a lucky girl to have met him,we were friends for 3 years before we got together and I have seriously found the one in him, my family adore him as do my friends and he is just the nicest sweetest funniest person I have ever known, I can have such insecure moments and he always cheers me up and makes me feel better about myself and when I am in a bad mood he always makes a div of himself to cheer me up, and I can not wait to have a family with him and make so many more memories together.

  • I feel awful when people are upset or hurting I always want to help everyone, and I always keep my phone on all the time so incase any of my friends need me they can phone me no matter what the time is they know am always there for them, makes me sad when other people are sad so always do what I can to cheer people up.

So there are just a few random facts about me, and I know I may of rambled so i do apologise if I have bored you shitless.


  1. Such a sweet post :) I see a lot of myself in some of the things you say, especially going out of your way to be nice to people. My mum says that's my biggest downfall giving 100% to people and then being upset when it's not returned :( xxxx

  2. Thanks sweetpea. Yeah it my downfall as well, sad isnt it when give 100% and dont get it back in return xxxx

  3. Aw I love posts like this where you really get a feel for the person writing the blog. I know what you mean about spoilt brats, I also get really wound up at Super Sweet 16 haha, they have no respect for anything! I was like that with my mam too. We aruged every day, like crazy arguments to the oint of throwing things across the room, and now were the best of friends! xxx

  4. Aw thank u Hayley, OMG that is just how me and my mum were so many items got thrown across the room so many times,mad init to think how much argued but now best of friends, and glad things worked out with ur mum as well honey Thank god xxxx