Friday, 15 July 2011

'UD' - Naked

This little beauty is finally mine, I have been after it for months and months but has been sold out everywhere then I popped into town on Wednesday and went into Debenhams and there it was screaming my name, I tried walking past it two times but I just couldn't resist and I am so glad I got it I seriously don't think I will ever need another eyeshadow, it has every shade I love, and they are so pigmented and apply like a layer of silk, I can't choose my favourite shade but at the min I love Toasted,Buck,Sin,Gunmetal,and been trying out new looks like I love putting toasted all over the lid and then smog or Darkhorse in the crease and they blend in so well. So happy I have this, and seen they have their 15th Anniversary one coming out soon and that looks pretty damn amazing as well.

What are your fave shades from the palette? Do you like mixing more than one together to create a look?


  1. I LOVE this thing! I use it pretty much everyday! Have actually just posted about it! xo

  2. me2, the colours aare amazing Love it. Love ur post as well thejessica simpson shoes r amazing.xoxo

  3. i still havent got my hands on this i want it soo bad lol!

    shel xx

  4. Youshould it really is as amazing as everyone says xxx