Monday, 23 May 2011

Being A Little Kid..............

So I was reading a post which the lovely Hayley had done about Being a little kid and basically reminiscing about all the good things we enjoyed as kids and I loved reading her post so I thought I would do one myself as was such a good read you can read Hayleys Post here


OMG I was obsessed with Sooty as a kid was without doubt my favourite show, every day it was on I used to get sooo excited and I had ( and still have) the Puppets to go with it I remember being so sad when mum had washed Sweep and his squeak went after being washed haha and even now I can remember the theme tune ' Hey ho it Sooty and Co every1 say hello... HELLO' haha and don't worry the puppets are in the loft at my mums I don't still play with them now ha


Everyone I know had these trolls such a huge craze for them wasn't there? Used to get so excited when I got a new one, and U could get the bigger ones which were like a ballerina and bride etc? Loved them

One of my favourite cartoons was gummybears loved this show

Oh Penny
As a kid I was obsessed with Oh Penny I remember one christmas mum and dad Getting me this house and the tree house and then form then on I was hooked loved it :)

Penny Sweets
Brings back memories of getting ya pocket money and popping to the shop to buy the little 1p and 2p sweets ah those were the days

BabySitters Club

Dont know if just me but these Books were my fave when I was kid I had every single book and loved them all.Also loved the point horror books as well, did u read any of them?

Sister Sister

My fave show I loved this programme so much and even now wish they would show re runs loved poor old roger 'go home roger' haha

Going the beach and spending so much time building a sandcastle with a little moat then praying it didnt get washed away when the tide came in,lol and me and my cousins used to make Sand cakes as well and try to get our parents to eat them haha :/

Aww Thanks Hayley for doing a post like this so nice reminiscing about being a kid we really did havethe best shows especially like saved by the bell,kenan and kel,Sabrina teenage witch,clarissa explains it all, and the best toys as well.Did any of u have the tiny tim doll which cried and had a wee?

What toys/shows did u like when a kid?

Time For Cocktails & Sushi :-)

So my week in pictures is a different kind this week just going to feature a few of our break away in Edinburgh we stayed in an amazing hotel which was lovely and had a lovely time chilling and celebrating Nathan's 30th the hotel version of a cooked breakfast on one day was in mini shot glasses which you will see in a min which to begin with I thought OH NO it just looked so odd and I did not want to try it but actually was very pleasant haha, We spent our time away sight seeing, going the castle, making cocktails, and eating sushi which was nice.
Cooked breakfast-Scrambled eggs,Beans,salmon and toast haha


Smoothie Shots which were so Delicious
View from the castle

Our 'Teacher' and cocktails

Sushi time :) Soooo tasty

Love this pic

Pretty flowers I saw and snapped

Hope you all had an amazing weekend? Have you been upto much?
Hope you all have an amazing week!

Sunday, 22 May 2011

Meet Our New Addition......

So we finally got back from our time away late last night and was exhausted had an amazing time away, checking out a new city, and sight seeing and the hotel we stayed at The TigerLily is amazing and highly recomend it, to be honest I didn't take that many picutres but I know Nath did so will upload some from his camera during the week, so glad Nath enjoyed his birthday and liked his presents I got him was nice to get home though and chill out BUT we had been talking whilst we were away about getting a puppy so today we had a message on our phone from a friend who's dog had had puppies and were ready for homes sooo I would like to introduce you all to........


Isn't he the cutest?? Love him so much and I am so happy Nath agreed we can get him and I think we have setteled on Frank as a name for him haha, I love that picture of him in our bed look how tiny he looks aww bless. He is a JUG a pug/Jack Russell cross he already so mischevous but with that cute face how can I ever tell him off? Also came home to my Graze box and GLOSSYBOX wooohooo was sooo excited to see a Nars Orgasm Illuminater in there and a full size one as well not a sample can not wait to try all the other products out as well, Becasue there have been so many posts already I will not bore everyone with a post on it but if u wanna read about them then I will put them in the GlossyBox page top of my blog. Also got few new bits from Mac which will do in a later post.

What have you all been upto? Like what got in ya glossybox?

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Whats In My Bag .....

Have seen so many of these Tags on You Tube & Blogger so thought I would do one myself.

I got this bag from Primark for £10 I was after a black one or a bright coloured satchel but then I saw this and liked how soft it was so got it instead and love it so big that can fit everything in I need but not too big that I lose stuff in it like previous bags. I also love the buckle detailing on it as well.

  • 2011 Diary - I got this from paperchase I always get my diarys from Paperchase I love them, and always need it on me to write stuff down, think I would be lost without it.
  • Sunglasses- Been quite sunny recently and these are me cheap day to day sunglasses from Oasis, My best sunglasses are my Raybans I have had for about 3 years but just use these ones on a day to day basis.
  • Garnier eye roller- This has had so much hype around it and is one product which lives upto the hype I could not be without it especially staring at a computer screen at work all day my eyes get really tired but this really soothes them.
  • Soap&Glory Hand Maid- I'm such a germ phobe so always like to carry around a hand sanitiser gel with me all the time butsome of them have a real nasty smell so was so happy when found that Soap and Glory done one, and like all their other products smells amazing
  • Purse-  Have had this one for a few years and just got it from next but think it time to get a new one.
  • Simple Eye Correcter -Comes in handy when my eyes get a bit watery or I smudge my eye make up during the day.
  • Make up Brushes- Always keep them on me for touch up or if need to re apply me foundation, I love my flat top brush makes applying liquid foundation so much easier
  • Nail File- You never know when this little beauty is going to come in handy
  • O.P.I Shorty's Story- This is the colour my nails are at the min and just i case I get a chip I always carry a pot of whatever shade I am wearing in my bag
  • Garnier Face Cleansing Wipes- I always carry these in my bag just to freashen up during the day.
  • Carmex Mint Lip Balm- The best lip Balm in the world I do prefer the cherry one to mint but have had this in my bag for a while now so useing it up.

And there you have it, my 'Whats in the bag' post. I tag you all and if you do it leave me a link so I can have a nosey, and also If you have already done it again leave me a link so I can have a peek.
You all having a good week? Been upto much?


Monday, 9 May 2011

'We dance with the devil in the flickering light '

So any Olly Murs fans out there will know the title to this Post :) now by no means was I a huge Olly fan I thought he was OK then this weekend my best friend Carly came up from Kent and took me to Olly's concert at the Apollo in Manchester and erm now I am a fully fledged Olly fan and in no way am I ashamed by that I LOVE going to concerts when the act sings live 100% and that is exactly what Olly done and not only just live but he was bloody amazing and the atmosphere was incredible, the support acts were good as well first up was The Kixx and then Wonderland and have to say the surprised me were very good live, I will definitely see him again live without a doubt and the best thing was it was spent with my best friend Carly who is like my sister have been best friends for about 18 years now and Love her to pieces.But this post is just my normal weekend in pictures post just with a diff title ha!

LOVE this photo of Socks when just woken up made me giggle

So as you can see this weekend was spent having good times with my best friend at the Olly concert, and drinking faaar too much Bulmers and the new Stella Cidre which I must say I prefer to bulmers, not much else to report really Oh I have decided to do the 101 things to do in 1001 challenge and created a page on it, if any of you do it leave me you're link so I can have a peek please, you can see mine here also very excited for the pending arrival of the first glossybox, has any1 else ordered one?
Have you all had a good weekend?

Also if u followed Jess at away with the fairies can u please re follow her blog here it's the same one just changed name as too many people had that name! Thaaank yoooouuuu

Friday, 6 May 2011

A Mixture Friday

Can't remember the last time I done two posts in one day but going to be busy tomorrow as got my bestest friend coming up from Kent for a day of shopping,drinking and then going to see Olly Murs in concert she is a tad bit in love with him, so going to be very hungover on Sunday as when me and Carly do concerts it always ends up in a mammoth drinking session :).
I have already eaten to little boxes from my Graze box I have eaten the Herb Garden and Korean Chilli rice crackers and have to say I give both 5/5 sooo nice and tasty very excited to recieve my next one on wednesday. Today I done a spot of shopping not a lot just couple of Nail Varnishs, a new liquid eyeliner and some eyeshadows which been after for a while now.


B4 I tidied them up so excuse the smudging

I love the Purple to Purpose such a beautiful shade of purple and really shimmers in the daylight, and Austin-tatious turquoise is so pretty and got hints of purple and blues in which I really like

Having heard such good things about the Bourjois Ombre Stretch I had to get a couple and decided on the Brun Nylon and the Violet Profond and have been using the Brun Nylon as my day shadow all this week they are so silky smooth to apply and last all day Love them

 Already got the Bourjois Smokey Eyes in Rose Vintage and love it so decided to be a bit more daring and get the Bleu Rock which has the most pretty shades of Blue in it can not wait to try them out, might do a review on it along with the rose vintage

And last but not least got the Bourjois Liner Feutre in ultra black and it is the most amazing felt tip eye liner I don't have the most steadiest hasnd when it comes to doing my upper lash line but with this I can do it in one swoop LOVE IT.


One of my all time fave blogs just love it, love how there is a mixture of personal photos and life posts, to reviews,OOTD etc etc a really good mixture and recently started chatting to Ray on twitter and she is probably one the nicest people you will ever come across which just makes me love her blog all the more so if there is only 1 blog you want to follow then this is the one trust me you will not be disappointed. xx xx

This is the newest blog I have followed and started chatting on twitter and I have to say i love her blog so amazing with all the OOTDs and a wide mixture plus she is sooo beautiful and such a lovely lovely person, go on go and follw her xxxx

Have a fab weekend

A Box Filled With Treats

I signed up for the Graze box on wednesday and it arrived today :) So happy and I'm so glad I found out about this amazing company because the foods they do look so yummy and tasty and are healthy for you as well so you can not go wrong.

As you can see in this Graze box I recieved
The Herb Garden
Oregano rice crackers,herb crispy bites and oregano crispy peanuts
West Country Chedder red onion & chutney Focaccia
Korean Chilli Rice Crackers
Billionares Shortbread
Belgion milk chocolate chunks,almonds,cranberries,and fudge

I was very happy with the boxes I got and can not wait to try them out, my next box comes on wednesday so intresting to see what I recieve I know it will NOT be olives as I hate them so I ticked the never send box on the website as you can choose which foods you want,don't want and also want to try which is so good and you pick the days they are delievered.

If you want to sign up to Graze and try their amazing products out I have a code you can use which is
9w23ltc3 which will give you you're first box free and second box half price.

Thursday, 5 May 2011

Who Are You To Tell Me What 'Beautiful' is????

This is a different kind of post today I have been reading so many posts and watching so many videos recently and thought I would give my view on it as well ( for what it worth) I find it really upsetting when people think they are not "cool" if they have not got the most expensive make up or most expensive clothes from what the 'magazines' say are now "in" now yes it is nice to have some nice make up or nice clothes but not everyone can afford them and at end of the day Rimmel make up does excatly the same as Nars and Mac and I personally as much as I love Benefit I sometimes moan at myself for spending £26 on a blusher or something but I hold my hands up and admit from time to time I will treat myself and why not? I work hard. There a girl I work with who to put it nicely is a bitch a i mean a bitch she is that kind of girl who you would hate in school, she looks down her nose at everyone, me and some other girls were chatting about Benefit make up and her response was ' eeww well I spent £250 on Nars and Chanel make up at the weekend I bet you didn't' I felt like saying well sorry love but I have better things to spend £250 on than make up but it just makes my blood boil in the society we live in people feel under pressure to have all the high end products and clothing when at end of the day there really is no need everyone is the same so why should we make others feel bad? I personally would never ever judge anyone on what make up products they use, I mean jeez hpw petty can you be?

Also I am getting moer and more worried that magazines now days will high light the fact a 'celebrity' has put on a few pounds or they will advertise the latest 'get thin quick' diet and then show pictures of these models and celebrities which have so obviously been airbrushed to hell but making them look completely perfect which yanno no1 is perfect not even Elle Mcpherson sure her body is mind blowingly stunning but there isn't a quick fix she works hard to maintain it, I just feel that magazines now day are setting a wrong example to kids growing up, I know my cousin girl is now turning 15 and she has such a poor attiude towards food because she fears putting the pounds on will make her ugly and fat when she is the most prettiest girl and I just feel that is wrong, I grew up with my wonderful parents who never made me feel bad for having the odd treat and never said 'oh my god' no you can have pudding, but I also ate my veg and everything. I then got into a relationship which was as i can only describe as soul destroying as you all know you put a few pounds on when in a new relationship which I had done, and was already feeling a bit eurgh but then he turned nasty and when we would go out would say 'why can't you look like her' or 'maybe don't eat dinner tonight, then you can be thin and people will like you more' I remember one time I was eating pudding and he whipped my plate away and said 'enoguh you are fat enough you fat pig'

I can remember it clear as day it was first time I did actually sob my heart out and litreally hated myself i was 18 and a size 12 which is not fat but I must of gone 6/7 months with no chocolate touching my mouth or sweets nothing I thought that would make me love me more, but then it was always something else.
Untill I finally left him and met my Nath who well is probably the best thing that has ever happened to me, I had no self confidence when we met none what soever and he knew why so on our first date I popped to the loo came back and there was a apple crumble and custard waiting for me and he said we are not leaving until you eat it, which seems little but meant so much to me and I will be first to admit I will NEVER ever be skinny I have a bum and boobs and thighs and I used to HATE that but now because of Nathan I am okay with that now I mean everyday he will tell me I am beautiful even in the morning with no make up on and hair all over the place and I won't believe him but it does make me feel better knowing I have someone who loves me for me and I can wear just my trackie bottoms and tatty t-shirt and still be so comfertable around him, and now I do go to the gym but NOT because people have told me to but because I want to but I will never deny myself sweets or chocolate whats the point? Only going to make myself miserable, I know that some people may think 'oh my god she's a size 14 sometimes a 16' and eating sweets the fat cow. But you know what so what? I don't care. If you are only going to judge people on the way look and not for who they are then you are the one not worth knowing. I know I am never going to be stick thin and I am always going to have big boobs and a bum and sometimes may rely on a pair of Bridget Jones panties to hold my tummy in a bit lol but I am now able to say 'you know what I am ok with that' Because that is just how I am, I am never going to have tiny boobs or a tiny bum and there nothing I can do to change that so why should I make myself miserable it?

I worry about evrything and everyone even if I don;t know them lol, thats just the way I am and I don't people growing up thinking I am not pretty if i'm not stick thin or I'm not cool if not upto date with everything, that makes me so sad to think kids and people may feel like that. Because at the end of the day NONE of that matters all what matters is that you are happy and have a good soul. If you have a good soul then you are the most beautiful person in the world in my eyes. As they say ' beauty comes from within'
So if you haveever felt like that, please don't and go and have a slice of cake :)

Sorry for the ramble just wanted to get it of my chest.


Tuesday, 3 May 2011

How The Weekend Was Spent.....

So we had yet another Bank Holiday weekend which was sooo good, Hope you all had a good one? On friday we went to our friends Royal Wedding street party which was good fun and I did actually get a bit teary I though Catherine looked so beautiful and elegant they make such a lovely couple. Then the rest of weekend was spent dog sitting ,doing gardening, chilling with Nath and going for walk round Lake District which was lovely, also Nath is happy as has spent a lot of time sorting our flower patch out and now they have all come into bloom and look so beautiful so whilst he done that I sat in the garden with some red wine and sorted through my ever growin O.P.I nail polish collection and I have to say I used to LOVE Models Own and still do but they just don't compare to O.P.I I think what I love the most about them is their quirky and unique names for each polish.


Lovin my wedges from Primark at the min so bloody comfy

Koala Bear-y,Charged Up Cherry,Do ya think i'm tex-y,And this little piggy,Shorts Story,Significant other colour,Make Love

Katy Perry Collection

Lady In Black,Linken Park After Dark,Green-wich village,Blue my mind,Mod Hatter

Hope you all had amazing weekend,what did u get upto? Did u watch the wedding?

And last but not least i'm sure you all know the beautiful Hannah well she has now done her first ever you tube video which is pretty amazing so make sure you go and check it out here and suscribe to it as she is without doubt one the nicest people in the blogging world!! xoxoxox