Saturday, 21 August 2010

Accessories ♥

I hold my hands up and admit i am slightly addicted to accessorizing i love it and can go slightly mad when out on a shopping spree lol but hey who doesn't! I love all kinds of necklaces you can never have enough as u need different ones for different outfits but at the min i love Oasis for Necklaces,and Bracelets think some of the ones they do are incredible and love them my fave ones what have purchased from them are

I just love all the different kinds of beading on this necklace also like the fact it is a dressy necklace but not over the top so can wear it with a nice over sized t-shirt or shirt and leggings to off set the outfit during the day or a nice dress in the evening.

This one caught my eye cos it a 'Me' Kinda necklace i like something a little bit different and chunky sometimes, love all the little charms dangling off it.

When it comes to bracelets i love little dainty ones, but I'm a sucker for big cuffs and big statement ones a couple of my faves at the min are

I loved this cuff as soon as i saw it, love the fact it's a statement cuff and fact you can just wear it on its own and nice and chunky it not gonna need a lot of other ones

This set of Bangles is my fave as i can never have enough bangles and love the fact that it a mixture with beaded ones and wooden ones so something a bit quirky about it which i love!

When it comes to shoes and bags i swear by asos and i like my bags to be a bit different for day times i love the big over sized bags and night time i love clutch bags but with a difference here are my fave bags

I always go for black bags so fancied a change and i love this over sized slouch bag love the fact can fit everything and the kitchen sink in it lol

I love classic clutch bags you can't beat a nice black one but i like them to be a bit different which is what drew me to this one and also the one below is sooo pretty and girly i love all the ruffles on it

Coming on to shoes now yaaay lol I am SO happy that clogs are back this year i have always loved them and loving on asos all the different kinds they have but these ones below are my fave!!!

And being only 5ft 3 ha ha i always need a good high heeled shoe for a night out and there are SO many i love but these again from asos are my fave

I love the lace detail on them

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