Sunday, 15 August 2010

Holiday Destinations

Here are my top three places i want to visit

Lake Como

For a year or so now I've been wanting to go on holiday to Lake Como In Italy, it just looks stunning and a mixture of quaint village life with nice restaurants and bars, nice stroll along the lake it is just breathtaking and also Mr.Clooney has a place there so that always another plus to going ha ha.

Las Vegas

Right now who in their right frame of mind would not want to go there? Just outta this world from the stunning Hotels, to the strip , to the casinos and shops just amazing deffo wanna go there 1 day soon would have so much fun a few of my friends have gone and just said it was the best holiday ever!!

Aquila safari

I'm a huge animal lover and there is nothing nicer and more amazing than seeing the beautiful wild animals in their natural habitats just mind blowing and amazing, I have always wanted to go on Safari then i watched Danni Minogue Style Queen last week and she stayed at Aquila safari and it is beautiful it is a private safari with beautiful lodges to stay in right in the heart of the game reserve just stunning waking up every morning and having all these magnificent animals right on your doorstep! Plus only 90 min drive from cape town so easy to get to other places for sight seeing

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