Tuesday, 31 August 2010

The Price Of Beauty

So recently i have got in to Jessica Simpson Price Of Beauty, I have always been big fan of hers ever since Newlywed days aw How i loved Jess and Nick and was sad when they got divorced. Also have never understood people who are mean and call Jessica thick and stupid she is anything but thick! So i was over the moon when saw she had another show starting and i must admit from the very first episode with them in Thailand i was hooked

What i especially love is that Jessica went on her travels around the world with her 2 best friends Cacee Cobb's And Ken Paves visiting different countries and seeing what beauty means to woman in different countries was SO intresting to see that in Thailand how they put big metal rings round their necks to make their necks longer and that starts from a very young age. And then in India where the 3 of them go to yoga but not your normal yoga...Laughter yoga! And experience some of India's beauty treatments... drinking cow urine snorting water through a netti-pot leave the cast gagging and giggling!  The most touching part of this episode was where they me a young girl who has a cleft palate and through Jessica organisation Operation Smile they transform the girls face back to normal to give her , her smile back.. amazing

Another one of my fave episodes was when they were in Japan and they met their beauty ambassador who encouraged them to try Harajuku-style clothes to express themselves without having to worry about what other people might say, was intresting also how woman in Japan want to have surgery on their eyelids to make their eyes wider like Jessica i was shocked as think their eyes are beautiful.
Overall the whole show was amazing and real eye opener for what woman around the world classify as beauty and what lengths they will go to, to feel beautiful from the rings around neck in Thailand, to laughter yoga in India or eyelid surgery in Japan goes to show anywhere in the world people have insecurities about what they look like, which is why was amazing for Jessica to tell them and show it your inner beauty what makes who you are.

The 2nd to last episode was in Brazil where on the beaches everyone no matter their shape or size wear next to nothing on the beaches showing they are comfortable in their own skin, which is why i personally was shocked when said 80% woman go for cosmetic surgery with even some woman choosing surgery over a better place for them and their families to live which i think is wrong if i had the choice between
surgery and better place for your family i would pick the better place to live but maybe thetas just me!

The last episode was a real tear jerker and the best episode by far Jessica,Ken, and Cacee flew back to L.A where Jessica went round schools to talk to young kids in America about their insecurities and how she felt growing up to see how it like for them today, and it ended with a big fashion show, showing all the different cultures they came across whilst on their travels. The show ended with a lady they met in Thailand who had used product to lighten her skin which ended in horrific scarring paying a visit to Jessica's dermatologist and her transformation was INCREDIBLE. Jessica message all along from this show was you have to find your inner beauty and be happy with who you are that is what makes you truly beautiful as long as your happy and healthy, I personally think she is an amazing role model for young kids today and for people calling her thick and stupid....the laugh is on you as after seeing this she is anything But thick. Jessica Simpson is amazing,inspirational,funny,warm hearted,charming,down to earth and last but not least Beautiful!

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