Saturday, 21 August 2010

Beauty Products i swear by ♥

Thought I would do a blog about some make-up and Beauty products i swear by

Firstly i love lots of volume on my eye lashes and after going through a lot of different Mascaras i have finally found the right one and i swear by it for giving lots of volume to ya lashes and that is Rimmel Volume Flash Mascara x10

One of my favourite make up brands is Mac and i love their Pigment pots have them in all different shades the main thing i love about them is you can use on ya Eyes,Cheeks & Lips and sooo light so doesn't make your skin feel all clogged up LOVE them!

For my lips i always go for lip gloss i always have preferred it to lipstick the only thing what sometimes annoy me is when they are too sticky and the wind blows ya hair and u get a lipful of hair lol, so was sooo Happy when GOSH bought out their brand of Lip gloss i can wear it all day long in without it wearing off and is non sticky which is a plus!!

Now my hair is very thick and wavy which i do love but sometimes can be very hard to handle so i swear by Batiste dry shampoo so small u can carry it around in ya handbag and if ya on the go all the time it's perfect just to whip it out and give ya hair a quick spray and gives it some more life

For moisturisers i love a nice smelling one but also a light feeling one which doesn't leave ya skin feeling all greasy and sticky and theres a lot of them which i like but the one i like the most is Jergens, the smell is lovely and blends in to the skin so easily

There are too many too list what i love but my fave daytime perfume is Thierry Mugler Alien such a lovely distinct smell and long lasting which is great i love it and then at the min my fave night time one would have to be Ralph Lauren Romance as such a light,floral,girly scent and reminds me of summer and a few squirts you can really smell it and stays smelling vibrant long

Also I'm sure everyone will agree a nice tan will always make you feel better about yourself well that's how i feel anyway, with a nice natural tan always makes me feel better but hey living in England ya never guaranteed to get a nice tan and ofc ya holiday tan will not last forever, I'm very anti sunbeds i know some people who love them and slightly addicted to them but personally i just feel that they sooo bad for you, for ya health and the condition of ya skin, so i rely on *whispers* Fake tan lol i used to be terrible applying fake tan so many stories from being tango ed, to being streaky lol and then i found Fake Bake Airbrush and hey presto problems solved! Sooo easy to apply and never ever end up orange or streaky! I love love love it!!!!

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